This page contains links to trans history archives stored on this site – text, images, sounds, and videos.

The Transgender Newsbank

Containing more than 400 magazine and newspaper articles, organized by date, this resource is the first of its kind freely available on the Web. Visit the Transgender Newsbank via this link.

Feature Interviews

Eve Golden, Queen of the Dead
KCUR – Central Standard – 9 May, 2013 – Insight Into The Trials And Joys Of Transgender Relationships (note – 25.1MB file)

Transgender Women

Ashley, April
Bambi (Marie-Pierre Pruvot)
Coccinelle, French Stage Performer, Singer, and Actress
Carlos, Wendy, electronic music pioneer.
Cossey, Caroline (1980-1981 career)
Cowell, Roberta
Darling, Candy
D’Eon, Chevalier
Elbe, Lili
Hall, Dawn Langley
Jones, Mary (1836)
Jorgensen, Christine
Lee, Lenette and Lauraine
M., Mildred (1942)
McLeod, Charlotte
Moore, Terri Williams Moore, 1976 – The Unwanted Bride
Morris, Jan
Rees, Tamara
Richards, Renée
Turtle, Georgina
Vazquez, Adela

Historical Transgender Collections

Program from Le Carrousel, Paris, featuring more than 50 transgender women, transgender men, and gender non-conforming persons. 

Photo Essays and Artwork

Barry Kay – Transpeople of 1970’s Sydney in “As a Woman”
Cuban transgender women, captured by the camera of Mariette Pathy Allen.
The Paris Transwomen of Christer Strömholm


A separate page which has photographs and some tiny amount of information on the Hijra of India.

Crossdressers and Gender Non-Conforming Persons

Allen, G.G.
Browne, Bothwell
Cummings, LaVerne
Lake, Bobby
Miwa, Akihiro
Morley, Christopher
Norman, Karyl
Pape, Willi or “Voo-Doo”
Rawlston, Zelma
Shalimar, the Latin Illusion

Science History

Wickets, Donald F. “Can Sex in Humans Be Changed?” Physical Culture (January, 1937): 16-17:83-85


Part 1 – Introduction and Early History
Part 2 – The Cruelest Test
Part 3 – Post-Richards to the Stockholm Consensus
Part 4 – Current Events
Part 5 – Let’s Get Physical
Part 6 – Why, oh Why, Must it be This Way?
Part 7 – Are There Any Cases Where an Advantage Seems Possible?
Part 8 – Final Summary and References

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