Cross-Training – The History and Future of Transgender and Intersex Athletes (Page 8)


I believe that through this investigation I have demonstrated the following:

  • As human beings, intersex and transsexual athletes have every right to be included in athletic events.
  • Due to the rarity of their conditions, “separate but equal” competitions are highly impractical and discriminatory.
  • Current requirements for ensuring that hormonal advantages do not come into play are sufficient. In fact, these requirements may be highly unfair to younger athletes.
  • Sex-based differences in body morphology, where they occur, are often outweighed by the devastating impact of hormone replacement therapy on the body.
  • That cases where men have faked being women for sports competition are vanishingly rare.
  • That the possibility of creating “fake transsexuals” for unfair competition seems ludicrous.
  • Despite all fear and dread, transsexual and intersex athletes have never dominated any sport, and show no hints of doing such at this time, in any context.
  • That transsexual and intersex athletes have been consistently the subjects of abuse and discrimination for more than a century of organized sports.

In short, only an extremely small risk to fair sports competition is entailed by the welcome inclusion of transgender and intersex athletes.


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Part 1 – Introduction and Early History
Part 2 – The Cruelest Test
Part 3 – Post-Richards to the Stockholm Consensus
Part 4 – Current Events
Part 5 – Let’s Get Physical
Part 6 – Why, oh Why, Must it be This Way?
Part 7 – Are There Any Cases Where an Advantage Seems Possible?
Part 8 – Final Summary and References (Current page)

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