Exclusive to Transas City – The Ted Karras Christine Jorgensen Collection

On January 5, 2018 I posted a scan of an autographed photograph of mine, showing Christine Jorgensen posing with an unknown gentleman named Frank. On August 3rd of 2018 I received mail from a gentleman named Richard Karras, who told me the following:

I found several photos of my father and a woman I believed to be Christine Jorgensen on a fishing boat in March 1954 in Florida. To see if it was really her I did a search and found the Transas City article on her and was surprised to see a photo from that same trip. It was the autographed photo with “Frank”. I thought you might be interested so I am attaching a quick snapshot of the photos.

And indeed he not only sent me snapshots, he worked hard to scan the box of photographs. As far as I know, these incredibly rare photographs of Christine Jorgensen have not been presented anywhere else online, and might never be found outside of Mr. Karras’ collection inherited from his father Ted.

Mr. Karras has sent me the scans to share freely and unaltered with the public for preserving an important piece of history, and thus you can find the entire collection of 13 unique photographs at this link, complete with high-resolution scans. And our many thanks to Mr. Karras and his father Ted!

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