Cowell, Roberta

You can find a good overview of Roberta Cowell’s history in my detailed book review of her autobiography. This page collects some higher-quality photographs of her than I have on the autobiography page.

Roberta Cowell as Robert, 1947.

Roberta Cowell in Nice, 1954, looking at her cover article on Picture Post. From the back of the photograph:

ME ON THE COVER. “Picture Post, with my story in it, arrived by air at Nice. We drove away from the airport, and opened the package where there was no one about. I thought ‘This is it’!”

Roberta Cowell in Nice, 1954. From the back of the photograph:

THE GIRL ALL THE WORLD IS TALKING ABOUT RESTS IN THE SUNSHINE AT NICE. On the Promenade des Anglais, Roberta and her companion, Lisa Morrell, negotiate with their cabman. “Once you have fixed the price for hiring one of these old fiacres,” writes Roberta, “the ‘cabby’ is charming. Until then, he simply repeats the price, and goes on polishing the harness.”

Roberta Cowell in France, 1954, outside a nightclub. No notation.

Roberta Cowell in France, 1954. From the back of the photograph:

“…sometimes I felt lonely…” Dated Wednesday, 17 March, 1954.

Roberta Cowell in France, 1954. From the back of the photograph:

OF THE LITTLE GARDEN OF HER HOTEL, at Villefranche, Roberta says: “The March sun was warm, and the roses were already in bloom, and no one knew me.”

Roberta Cowell in Pisa, Italy, dated April 22, 1954 (although this date is in question), by the Leaning Tower. From the back of the photograph:

Risking recognition, Roberta interrupts her escape to take pictures at Pisa.

Roberta Cowell behind the wheel, April 1954.

Roberta Cowell shopping, dated April 22, 1954 (this date is in question).

Roberta Cowell on a streetcar in France (unknown date, but assumed to be 1954).

Roberta Cowell, 1972. From the back of the photograph:

ROBERTA COWELL GETS READY FOR CAR-RACE COMEBACK. May 4, 1972. Silverstone, Northants, Thursday, PA: Roberta Cowell, the wartime fighter pilot who re-registered as a woman in 1951, is pictured to-day at the Silverstone circuit, where she was practicing in preparation for a comeback to motor racing. She took a Kitchmac racing car on the track. Miss Cowell (formerly Robert Cowell) is now 53.

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