Candy Darling

Candy Darling was one of Andy Warhol’s media creations. Born James Lawrence Slattery, she crossdressed as a child and teenager, and eventually transitioned socially and became Candy Darling (she never had SRS). She appeared in 9 films, none of them popular but some of them critically acclaimed, and was otherwise a very minor celebrity.

I have some miscellaneous photographs of Candy below, and a special one at the end.
Candy Darling

Candy Darling
Candy Darling

Candy Darling and Andy Warhol (Click this photograph for a full-sized version)

She died of lymphoma on March 21, 1974, only aged 29. In the last letter she wrote before she died, she said:

“Unfortunately before my death I had no desire left for life . . . I am just so bored by everything. You might say bored to death. (D)id you know I couldn’t last. I always knew it. I wish I could meet you all again.”

This photograph was taken by Peter Hujar in 1974, of Candy on her deathbed.
Candy Darling 1974

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