1986 Transgender News

Standard Disclaimer: This page is a listing and links to news items regarding transgender persons from 1986. It is ordered by date of appearance in the news, not the date of the event. Note that the text summaries are not transcripts.

June 10, 1986. Stamford Connecticut Daily Advocate, page A8

For the second time transsexual woman Bridgette Poi Brusseau failed in her bid to become the leader of an American Legion post. Brusseau, a decorated Korean War veteran, lost by 52-22, and felt that her transsexual status was the cause.

November 24, 1986. Portland Oregonian, page B2 and B3

An article about the Oregon State Penitentiary discusses the life behind bars of Michelle Davis, a 28-year-old transsexual woman convicted of forgery. She is able to receive hormones while in prison, and creates makeup from colored pencil shavings. She is unfortunately misgendered throughout the article.

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