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August 2020 Trans Talk on 90.1 FM KKFI

Hello everyone! Welcome to the August edition of Trans Talk! We’re kicking off the show with the transgender news of the month as usual, then we’re going to speak with Riley, a local activist who has done great work for the transgender community. We will then continue our special series of transgender film discussion with a review of “Romeos,” a dark comedic look at the coming of age of a gay transgender man. Rachael Cady and Riley will be joining us for the review, and it should be a great show!

We do hope you will be able to join us this Saturday, August 22th at 1:00 pm on 90.1 KKFI, Kansas City Community Radio! You can also stream the program live on kkfi.org, or via various apps on your phone.

Community Calendar

Hello, I’m Fiona with the Kansas City community calendar. As usual, all the calendar can be found on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TenthVoice/

Every month, I lead the Kansas City SOFFA group for Significant Others, Friends, Family, and Allies of Transgender and nonbinary persons.  Due to the Coronavirus emergency we are having virtual meetings on Zoom & in September, they will be at 6:30pm on the 2nd & the 16th. For more information, you can visit transascity.org/SOFFA or https://www.facebook.com/SOFFA.KC/ or you can always reach me by email at soffakc@yahoo.com

I’d like to welcome back any returning college students, if any are returning in person, and give you a brief update from the UMKC LGBTQIA Office – The UMKC LGBTQIA Programs & Services staff is back on campus and the Rainbow Lounge has reopened with a maximum capacity of 2 individuals.

Fall programming will be largely conducted online and appointments with staff are strongly encouraged to be done virtually. If you would like to set up an appointment either in-person or online, please email us at lgbtqia@umkc.edu.  That post and links to resources can be found on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/umkclgbtqia   If you’re at KU, you can find more information about LGBTQIA student organizations at this link on the KU Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity’s page – https://sgd.ku.edu/lbgt-student-orgs

Every third Thursday, the Equal Trans Support Group meets at 5:00 PM.  They are having virtual meetings during the Coronavirus emergency, so please join their Facebook group to get more details if you are interested.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/EQUALTransSupport/ There is also a second group for friends of EQUAL at https://www.facebook.com/Friends-and-Allies-of-the-EQUAL-Trans-Support-Group-2043657289193085/

JoCo Q-Space is a youth group for LGBTQ youth. They are doing some online activities during this, so for more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/jocoqspace/

Gender Spectrum is also doing online groups for teens and pre-teens – you can find more information on them at https://www.genderspectrum.org/groups/

Passages, the LGBTQIA youth group in Kansas City, Missouri, has suspended their meetings but they can still be reached for resources via their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/kcpassages/.

A new group, Transformations: A KC Trans and Gender Expansive Youth Organization, is having regular virtual events and details can be found at https://www.facebook.com/kctransformations/

In compliance with the current ‘Shelter-in-place’ orders, the Trans Women’s support group that normally meets at the Transgender Institute is going on-line. The meetings are on Tuesdays at 6:00 PM & will be hosted via Zoom and Discord. You can join from a computer, or a phone and have a video conference option, or an audio only option.

Please reach out to Kate.redman@boltfiber.net for the login information or for any questions you have.

There is an MTF support group at the Kansas City Center for Inclusion on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 6pm – they are suspended but the center is looking into online options during the emergency.  There is an FTM support group elsewhere, both for adults and for youth, so if you are interested & want to find out options during the coronavirus emergency, please text or call Gus at 816-785-8686 and get updates on options during the virus lockdowns.

The Kansas City PFLAG chapter, which is Parents, Families, Friends, and Allies of LGBT people has a Facebook page where you can get more details on current activities – they are not meeting in person, but they are doing online events, as we heard last month, so you can reach out to them for support and information at https://www.facebook.com/PFLAGKC

I’m Fiona and that’s the community calendar for the upcoming month.

Male Call – Casting Call in Kansas City for Transmen!

The Unicorn Theatre is producing a new play called HIR by Taylor Mac (a recent MacArthur Genius award recipient and Pulitzer Prize finalist). One of the characters in HIR is a young transgender man, and Director of Development Ian Crawford is looking to fight the phenomenon of “transface” by casting a transgender man in the role of a transgender man.

Folks who are interested can reach out to his email at icrawford@unicorntheatre.org Mr. Crawford says that he is happy to e-mail back and forth with anyone interested and answer questions, send them the play to read, or grab coffee to talk it over if they like. In the coming weeks they will set up a time to see people and have them audition (read through some scenes with other actors etc.) He would like to know how much, if any, acting experience they might have, but they understand due to discrimination most folks will not have much or any, and they will work with whoever they cast to make them comfortable and prepared for this. It’s reportedly a pretty large role, and they will be working with some great professional actors in town, so it could be a lot of work and a great learning experience too!

Once again, for further information, contact Ian Crawford at icrawford@unicorntheatre.org

The Subtle Threat of “Religious Exemptions” – Barber Refuses to Cut Transgender Army Veteran’s Hair

Kendall Oliver identifies as mostly male and wears masculine clothing. But the barber declined to serve Oliver, saying he doesn’t do women’s haircuts.

Source: Barber refuses to cut transgender Army veteran’s hair, citing religious views – The Washington Post

Across this nation, many conservatives pushing for laws to discriminate against LGBT persons are mostly focused on events and products related to weddings. Such as the notorious “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” case, where not only did the owners refuse to cater for a lesbian couple, but they were fined $135,000 for repeatedly deriding the couple in the media. But few people truly understand just how many nutty prohibitions exist in religious books (such as the Bible chapter Deuteronomy) – and moreover, how a person who hates LGBT people can simply point to one of many explicit or implied prohibitions in virtually any religious text to justify their discrimination.

What’s more, there is literally no legal standard preventing someone from simply inventing a belief or entire belief system of their own, provided they claim to honestly hold it. This weekend, for example, I became an ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church – something which takes no more than answering a couple of questions and clicking “Get Ordained Now.” And yet, I now can legally perform weddings and officiate at funerals in Kansas and Missouri. Given that sort of legal backing, it’s a small stretch for me to say “I refuse to serve (someone) because it offends my religious beliefs.” It really is just that easy, folks.

As a result, these so-called “religious freedom protections” are no less than ways in which to roll back civil rights for virtually anyone who is hated by anyone else. What if the barber in this case which is highlighted refused to serve African-American customers? Or Jewish ones? Or Armenians? Every single time a person backs or supports the “right” of a public business to discriminate against someone for being transgender, they also are supporting the “right” of segregation, injustice, and ghettoization. And they are supporting the right to perpetuate and spread ignorance, fear, and hate.

Discriminating against a transgender person at a place of business is fundamentally no different than discriminating against them for being black – people do not choose their gender, nor do they choose their race. And before there is a rebuttal that the Bible does not preach discrimination against other races, one has to look no further than the works of pro-slavery supporters in the 1800’s. Josiah Priest, for example, published a work in 1852 wherein African Americans were equated with “the race of Ham,” and the numerous instances of slavery and human bondage employed by the Israelites was called out as an example to follow.

And here’s something that those backing the “religious rights” of business owners are not getting. When a person operates a business in the public eye, they are utilizing shared services, incentives, and protections granted to the community as a whole in order to foster business. Deductions for business expenses, property tax incentives, tax-increment financing, special business development loans and grants, zoning protections, enhanced police and fire protection, assignment of inspectors for health and safety – businesses enjoy a wealth of considerations, incentives, or protections to help them thrive. And as a result of these considerations, businesses have a duty to serve and provide for the public in general.

If a business does not want to serve the public in general, then they need to remove themselves from the public arena, and work out of their home, place of worship, or somewhere else – and not take money and protections intended for the public as a whole.

In this case which was highlighted in the linked article, a transgender man couldn’t get a haircut at one shop. Some may argue “big deal, it’s not the end of the world. Go down the street to another barber.”

Sure. And I suppose it’s better at the back of the bus too, isn’t it?

Transman U.S. Military Pilot Wears a Woman’s Uniform, But is Hopeful

Sergeant Shane Ortega, who serves at Wheeler Airfield in Hawaii, has lived openly as a transgendered man for five years but under current rules, must wear a female military uniform. A bodybuilder who is massively ripped, to use the scientific term, Ortega must wear the largest-sized women’s uniform available. Ortega is very fortunate, however, in that he has been able to keep his career, unlike the careers of thousands of transgender veterans which were prematurely ended by their need to live an authentic and fulfilling life as the gender they were meant to be.

Ortega may have some hope, however, as just this Monday U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced that Pentagon leaders are finalizing plans aimed at lifting the ban on transgender individuals in the U.S. military. Ash gave transgender military personnel hope when he stated, in part:

Today, I am issuing two directives to deal with this matter. First, DoD will create a working group to study over the next six months the policy and readiness implications of welcoming transgender persons to serve openly. Led by (Acting) Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Brad Carson, and composed of military and civilian personnel representing all the military services and the Joint Staff, this working group will report to Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work. At my direction, the working group will start with the presumption that transgender persons can serve openly without adverse impact on military effectiveness and readiness, unless and except where objective, practical impediments are identified. Second, I am directing that decision authority in all administrative discharges for those diagnosed with gender dysphoria or who identify themselves as transgender be elevated to Under Secretary Carson, who will make determinations on all potential separations.
(You can read the official Department of Defense Statement at this link.)

Ortega, commenting upon Secretary Carter’s announcement, stated that he is “…pumped up. At the same time I know this is a small step forward and there’s much more to do.”

Source: Transgender military pilot is forced to wear a woman’s uniform

May 2015 Trans Talk on 90.1 KKFI

KKFIPlease join us this coming Saturday, May 23 on “Trans Talk,” 90.1 FM, KKFI, Kansas City Community Radio at 1:00 pm central. You can also tune into kkfi.org to listen in via live streaming audio from anywhere with an internet connection.


On this program Luke Harness, Sandra Meade, and myself will be discussing two sides of the publicity coin – lives in “stealth,” and lives in “public.” Our special guests include “Q,” a local transgender man who will discuss the pressures and benefits of living in stealth, and four ladies from the recent Discovery Life reality program “New Girls on the Block.” Luke will kick off the program with some LGBT news for the week, and I will finish up the program with the Community Calendar update.

Please tune in if you can, as we hope this shall be a great show!

March 2015 Trans Talk on 90.1 KKFI

KKFIPlease join us on Saturday, March on “Trans Talk,” 90.1 FM, KKFI, Kansas City Community Radio at 1:00 pm central. You can also tune into kkfi.org to listen in via live streaming audio from anywhere with an internet connection.

On this program Luke Harness and myself will take the reins and interview our guests about some great topics. Luke will kick off the program with some LGBT news for the week, and then he is going to interview a local trans man named D. about “The Union,” a local resource for the trans male community. Then I shall interview local attorney Madeline Johnson about the rash of offensive “bathroom bills” that are popping up across the nation, including right here in Missouri. I will finish up with the Community Calendar update.

Please tune in if you can, as we hope this shall be a great show!

Transgender Man Has Private Audience with Pope Francis

While I would very much like to report that Pope Francis has done more to directly foster acceptance towards transgender persons in the Catholic Church, this is a promising event. Diego Neria Lejarraga, a transgender man from Spain, first wrote to Pope Francis last year, and apparently what he wrote interested Pope Francis enough that Mr. Lejarraga was invited to a private audience.

Unfortunately we do not know exactly what Mr. Lejarraga and Pope Francis discussed, but Mr. Lejarraga is quoted as saying:

“This man loves the whole world,” Neria says of Pope Francis. “I think there’s not — in his head, in his way of thinking, discrimination against anyone. I’m speaking about him, not the institution.”

“But if this Pope has a long life, which all of his followers hope,” Neria says, “I think things will change.”

Transgender man: I met with Pope Francis | Entertainment – KCRA Home.

Transgender Man’s Transition is Celebrated by His Parents in a Classy Manner

This article shows a very inspiring and classy way in which the parents of 19-year-old Kai Bogert announced their support for his transition. They took out an advertisement in the Brisbane Courier “retracting” their earlier birth announcement of their daughter.

The photo says it all folks. This is certainly a show of support by Kai’s parents which he shall never forget.

Teen gets sex change, parents retract newspaper birth announcement in heart-warming fashion – Australasia – World – The Independent.

Court Rulings Are A Victory For Transgender Men

Two recent court rulings, one in Arizona and one in California, have given support to transgender men by different but similar rulings. In Arizona, a three-judge appeals court ruled that Thomas Beatie – infamously known as “the pregnant man” – could legally divorce his wife, thus de facto recognizing that his marriage existed. In California, transman porn star Buck Angel won a ruling in the Superior Court that his marriage was valid, and thus he could divorce his wife.

Divorce is only very rarely a happy occasion for anyone involved, but at least in this case these two divorces helped serve a greater purpose.

Court Rulings Are A Victory For Transgender Men | ThinkProgress.

Transgender Priest Gives Sermon at Washington National Cathedral

This is the first time a transgender person has led service at the National Cathedral, and it again marks another milestone in our path towards mainstreaming our community.

The Reverend Cameron Partridge, the Episcopal chaplain at Boston University and a lecturer and counselor for Episcopal and Anglican students at the Harvard Divinity School, is a transman who completed transition in 2001. Reverend Partridge spoke on the ideals of revelation and strength.

“When Jesus tells his disciples to speak in the light, to uncover the hidden, to proclaim from the heights, he is asking them to join that stream, to become active participants in that blindingly good news,” Mr. Partridge said. “Of course, Jesus also explicitly warns that not everyone would experience such revelation as good, and that some might actively persecute the disciples for it. Doing this work would be utterly demanding.”

A good biblical example of someone with resilience and strength, Mr. Partridge said, is Hagar, the handmaiden who was forced to bear Abraham’s child only to be exiled with their son, Ishmael.

“Like Hagar, so many people in the LGBTQ community, and particularly in the trans community, have at one point or another or for a lifetime found ourselves in situations of intense oppression, isolation and despair,” he said. “We have been utterly unable to see beyond the horizon of our often multiple, intersectional margins.”

Transgender priest gives sermon at Washington National Cathedral – Washington Times.

Web Series “Brothers” Explores Lives of Transgender Men

Of interest to transgender men and all of us who support them – a new web series “Brothers” explores the lives of four transgender men as they fight for acceptance and normalcy. The films provide a glimpse into lesser-known world of transgender men, and the first episode is available for viewing here. A total of eight films are planned, and provided the producers receive the support they need it should be a very interesting documentary series.

WATCH: Web Series ‘Brothers’ Explores Lives of Transgender Men | Advocate.com.

Another Transgender Couple Love Story Which Inspires Hope

Transboy meets transgirl at church event, they fall in love, and share their journey of transition together. This article features some discussion of their love, their transition and medical procedures, and their lives. It also features some information about the practice of Dr. Sherman Leis, who some of my transgender friends are considering as a surgeon.

For transgender couple, sharing difficult path eased transition to love.

An Osceola (Florida) High Transgender Student Runs for Prom King

Sebastian RollinsAnother in what I hope are a long line of successes at the youth level of activism – Sebastian Rollins, a transkid, is running for prom king and receiving quite a lot of support from both fellow students and school administrators (of course, with the recent Title IX ruling from the Department of Education, they have little choice in the matter).

Go Sebastian!

At Osceola High, a transgender student makes a run for prom king | Tampa Bay Times.

Cosmopolitan – My Fiancé Is Transgender

A thoughtful testimonial essay in the mainstream media on how a cisgender woman fell in love with her transman boyfriend. It’s a happy story, and I think this paragraph carried one of the most important messages.

As we talked, his identity stopped seeming like an obstacle. Instead, it felt like just another aspect of him, like the gold speckle in his left eye or the anchor tattooed on his left shoulder. Somewhere during a lull in conversation, he leaned in and kissed me. My stomach dropped as he pulled away. I didn’t want him to stop. And at that moment, any fears about his gender vanished.

This is similar to my relationship with my spouse, who has always said to me “You were always my girl, but I just loved you no matter what you looked like,” and that in the end my gender wasn’t the most critical thing for her. And I wish very much that every one of my transgender sisters and brothers can or has found someone who can feel the same way towards them.

Transgender Dating – My Fiancé Is Transgender – Cosmopolitan.

Two Schools, Two Acts of Discrimination

Here are two short stories, one takes place at a high school, one at a university, and both involve trans-discrimination.

In the first report, senior Anais Celini at Martin Luther High School in Queens, New York, was told her boyfriend, transman Nathaniel Baez was not welcome at their school prom because “his transition was unconventional and not beneficial.” The second word throws me, and is reported as a quote by the Huffington Post. What do they mean by “beneficial?”

Instead of fighting the decision the couple have decided to not challenge the school and hold their own private prom elsewhere. Honestly, it’s difficult to find fault with the couple – while on one side I wish they would fight so they would pave the way for those who follow them, at the same time they are just kids, and kids have enough stress and hassle as it stands without throwing into everything a media sensation and spending a lot of time with lawyers.


In our next story we have the case of transman Jayce M., who is seeking permission from George Fox University, Oregon, to move into the male dorm after he completes transition. The university has told him that he isn’t welcome in the dorms with room mates, and should stay either off campus or in a single rooms.

The university’s position is somewhat baffling:

“George Fox strives to be a Christ-centered community, and our residential facilities are single sex because of our theological commitments. The student’s request to switch from female-only on campus housing to male-only on campus housing is one that many institutions would struggle with.”

They would rather have a transman living with women rather than with men – and they believe this is the “Christ-centered” way of doing things? Really?

Couple Plans Own Prom After School Bars Transgender Boyfriend From Attending.