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Caroline Cossey – Two Images from 1980-1981

Caroline Cossey, who sometimes worked under the modeling name “Tula,” was born Barry Kenneth Cossey on 31 August 1954, in Brooke, Norfolk, England. After a very unhappy childhood filled with bullying over her obviously feminine appearance, she left school early and started a series of low-wage jobs. After learning the details about transgender life and possibilities from a friend who was a post-operative transsexual woman, Cossey started hormone therapy at 17 and later went on to complete her sex reassignment surgery (SRS) on New Year’s Eve, 1974.

Before her SRS she worked as a showgirl in a London nightclub, and after her final surgery she started circulating as a socialite and working as a model. She appeared in magazines such as the Australian Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, was a Page Three Girl for the Sun, and even played a part in a television game show. In 1981 she was cast as an extra in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, and posed for Playboy magazine’s June, 1981 issue. She later appeared in numerous print and television advertisements.

I have two very high-resolution images of Cossey which I have decided to post here in this timeline article linked below. The first is a lovely and famous advertisement for Smirnoff Vodka from 1980. The second is her sole photograph from the June 1981 Playboy magazine, which is somewhat difficult to find.

Caroline Cossey, 1980-1981

Transgender Model Lea T Signs Major Beauty Contract

Lea T Redkin Contract
I must say, dear readers, I’m glad to see some news about Lea T, as she had dropped off the proverbial radar somewhat. While supermodels are normally reserved a special place of jealous head-tossing in my mind, I have to give a lot of love for a trans sister who’s made it in an industry where every millimeter of her appearance and every step of her poise is under the most intense scrutiny.

I hope that Lea T’s rising tide helps lift all of our boats just a little, in terms of awareness and acceptance if nothing else.

Transgender model signs major beauty contract – Life & Style – NZ Herald News.

Tyra Banks to Produce Transgender Docuseries for VH1

TransAmerica is the name of the series, and it is expected to comprise 8 episodes focusing on a group of Chicago transgender women. According to the network:

“It would be easy to focus on the transgender aspect, but this series is about so much more,” VH1 executive Susan Levison told the Reporter. Banks promised the show “will blow the roof off stereotypes and set the record straight as we experience the lives of these fun, stunning women.”

It’s due to run in late 2014 or early 2015, so keep an eye peeled for it when it arrives. More information can be found at the link below.

Tyra Banks to Produce Transgender Docuseries for VH1 (Exclusive) – Hollywood Reporter.

Transgender Supermodel Ines-Loan Rau Bares All – Really

Seriously folks, the link below is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, so do not click it if unless you want to see a nude transwoman. Some parts are blurred out, but if you Google you can find them easily enough. I picked a photo from the page of Ines-Loan with another supermodel, the genderqueer (it’s the term they use for themself) Andrej Pelic.

Honestly, I don’t know what I can add to this. The article by the Daily Mail contains photos from a shoot with transgender supermodel Ines-Loan Rau. Also contained at the link is a video interview with Russian transgender supermodel Stas Fedyanin, who I confess I had never heard of before.

Transgender supermodel Ines-Loan Rau bares all in sizzling photo shoot | Mail Online.

Transgender Models Around the World

Arisce_WanserA short article with photographs of 9 female transgender models (and a link to the recent Barney’s catalog featuring many transgender models), which is probably work-safe. There’s not much I can add to it at this juncture; it delivers what it promises.

GayNZ.com Trans models around the world.

Victoria’s Secret Petitioned To Make Carmen Carrera Its First Transgender Model

Carmen_CarerraIt seems a bit unlikely – Victoria’s Secret has never been known to be interested in transgender models, even though they have been trying to break into the venue since the mid-2000’s. An unsanctioned event featuring Thai ladyboys once aired claiming to be sponsored by Victoria’s Secret, and the company went out of its way to distance itself from the event.

There is a video with sound at the link below, which features some top nudity.

NOT WORK-SAFE: Victoria’s Secret Petitioned To Make Carmen Carrera Its First Transgender Model.

Transgender Catwalk Model Nicole Gibson Wows Audiences

OK, now a bit of skin…and what skin, too. Nicole, you are really working your transition, holy crap! The before and after photos are stunning, although there is a significant age difference between the two.

Transgender catwalk model Nicole Gibson wows audiences just days before sex swap surgery – Mirror Online.

New York Firefighter Who Beat His Trans Girlfriend Appears in Court with His Next Trans Girlfriend


The story is reminiscent of Shakespeare: beefcake firefighter meets transgirl, then beats her, harasses her, and is convicted of misdemeanor criminal mischief and assault and felony criminal contempt. Then he tries to get his job back, appearing in court with another transgirl who hasn’t figured out that hooking up with someone who has a history of convictions beating his girlfriends might just possibly not be boyfriend material.

In any event, it’s been getting a lot of attention in the tabloid press, so I figured I should document it.

Taylor Murphy, eying return to FDNY, loses retrial bid after assault conviction involving transgender model – NY Daily News.