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Suit Filed for Trans Teen Forced by DMV to Remove Makeup

Chase Culpepper didn’t ask for anything on a silver platter. They didn’t ask for the World on a string. They didn’t ask for anyone to crawl on their knees through broken glass. They passed their drivers license test, and wanted someone to take a freaking photograph. It’s simple. A child could do it. I once even saw a common house cat which was trained to take photographs of people.

Unfortunately, the DMV in Anderson, South Carolina, decided that taking a photograph with Chase wearing his (how Chase identifies) makeup on would be offensive to God, the Universe, and everything because it might be hiding how he normally looks.

Except of course that Chase normally wears makeup. And it’s absolutely unheard of for a woman to be told she would have to either put on or remove makeup prior to having her photograph taken by the DMV. So basically, all we have here is some incredibly minor functionary decided they were offended or threatened by a “boy wearing makeup,” and decided to make an issue out of it. And the DMV dug in its heels to defend their staffer because, well, “reasons.”

I guess they must think it’s cheaper than hiring a cat.

Suit filed on behalf of teen forced by DMW to remove makeup | Local News – WYFF Home.

A Roundup of Four Negative News Items

Hey, you can’t say I didn’t warn you…as I’ve gone through the news feeds from mid-week relating to transgender news, yours truly has picked out four post-worthy items which you may not have seen. None of them are especially positive, but neither are they catastrophic. And a couple of them are so over-the-top as to be somewhat silly.

We begin with the case of a gender-variant South Carolina teenager who was forced to remove their makeup prior to having their photograph taken by the DMV. This isn’t especially surprising – first off, it’s South Carolina. I mean, it’s only been legal to whistle on the Sabbath for 3 years now, so you have to expect some lack of tolerance. Second off, it’s the DMV – for crying out loud, if there ever was a domain of senseless, arbitrary, and random application of rules it’s there. Going to the DMV is sort of like entering a Salvador Dali painting, where up is down, right is purple, and number 12 is carrot. So yeah, this wasn’t too difficult to predict…

Next up we have some sad news, as some timbertool (or timbertools) decided to ruin the Trans Pride LA Festival film screening by calling in a bomb threat. It was the second bomb threat of the Pride event, and one which had to be taken seriously given the appalling level of violence shown towards our people.

Next we have the case of ABC News Assignment Editor Ben Sherwood, who came out as transgender in the summer of 2013, and changed their name to Dawn Ennis. Then, after taking steps to transition, declared that they had a bout of transient amnesia, and that they never really were transgender. Then suddenly, they’ve gone back and discovered that no, really, they really were transgender. Now they have been fired from their job, and they are blaming anti-transgender discrimination. Well…folks, you will look until your eyes fall out to find a more pro-transgender person than I, but I’m also wondering why anyone is surprised that an employer might have some concerns over a person who is cisgender-no they aren’t-yes-they-are no-they-aren’t… Honestly, I think this would be difficult for most employers to handle, aside from the fact that there’s no proof or convincing evidence presented to say that it even is a discrimination case.

Finally, we get to comedy time, where the arch-conservative and anti-transgender Linda Harvey, of Mission America, claims that Satan, yes Satan, is behind the growing acceptance of transgender persons in America. It would be easy to dismiss her as another harmless flake…except that she has a lot of followers who believe everything she says. Never underestimate the evil that some will perpetrate all in the name of “fighting evil” (cough…thousands tortured and murdered by witch hunters…cough).