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Why did this Transgender Woman Have to Take Her Name Change to Appeals Court?

Because the judge who was handling her name change petition decided not to grant it. Why not? Because he objects to people who don’t fall within his definition of gender identity. In fact, the Oklahoma ACLU, who took up her case, reports that this is the second time that a gender-based name change has required going to the Appeals Court in order to allow the change.

Monologuing a bit here, what’s somewhat darkly amusing to me about this case is when I also listen to the recent screeds from religious conservatives that “activist judges” across the nation are responsible for all sorts of terrible injustices – such as ruling for same-sex marriage, transgender rights, or preventing animal abuse. But when a judge can’t even handle a simple name change without injecting his own personal bias, and is over-ruled by the Appeals Court (twice now) – that same crowd pounding their holy books and decrying activist judges is strangely silent.

The whole issue of “activist judges” is a logical fallacy in its application – for instance, the same people I know who celebrated in the streets over the United States Supreme Court’s pro-gun Heller and McDonald decisions decry the DOMA-ending Windsor decision for being the result of a “tyranny of activist judges.” The same thing happened with Lawrence, a vital decision which decriminalized homosexuality in America and which few Americans even know exists.

Even stepping away from the issue of TLGB rights or guns, other vital decisions in our nation’s history were the result of 5-4 rulings. One notable case even the layperson will know of is the Miranda decision, which defines many of our legal rights when we are arrested.

Who is or isn’t an “activist judge” only depends on whose respective ox is being gored.

Transgender woman finally granted name change | KFOR.com.

Arin Andrews & Katie Hill, Transgender Former Couple, to Release Memoirs

They made such a happy-looking couple when their story broke last summer. They’ve now each written their memoirs, which at their age might be a little premature, I may read and review anyhow.

Arin Andrews & Katie Hill, Transgender Former Couple, to Release Memoirs – Books, Real People Stories : People.com.

January, 2014 -Beyond the Looking Glass with Same-Sex Marriage

First off, a brief apology to my conservative friends who are pro-trans, or even trans themselves. But there’s no better way to summarize the movement and the folks who are behind a continued cavalcade of shenanigans direct squarely at LGB and especially transgender persons. In this case we are on the subject of same-sex marriage (SSM), which impacts nearly all transgender persons, more so since in many states it can be very difficult to determine exactly if one is or isn’t married (for example, in Kansas trans lesbians and trans gays can legally marry cisgender women and men, respectively.) But let’s not talk further about that, and take a cannonball into the crazy end of the pool.

First we have Utah, where the conservative anti-SSM contingent is acting as if all hell had broken loose. I mean what’s next, men taking multiple marital sex slaves wives and keeping blacks out of church? The dear folks of Utah are so traumatized by the recent court ruling that their anti-SSM is discriminatory that the Republican Federal House of Representatives has decided that the dear folk of Utah must be protected from the 1,340 same-sex marriages which were performed in the state before said marriages were halted. The bill has absolutely no chance of being made a law, so it’s somewhat a waste of time.

Next we have Nevada, being sued in court over its anti-SSM laws, which has a Solicitor General making statements such as:

The state’s brief argued that the Nevada law defining marriage as between a man and woman “is legitimate, whether measured under equal protection or due process standards.”

“The interest of the state in defining marriage in this manner is motivated by the state’s desire to protect and perpetuate traditional marriage,” wrote Solicitor General C. Wayne Howle, who also argued that Nevada’s marriage laws are rooted in history predating statehood.

“Even before statehood, the 1861 territorial laws defined marriage as existing between ‘a male and a female,’” the document said. “The same limitation on marriage was codified in 1867 … and is substantially the same today.”

He added, “Nevada’s statutes evince a strong encouragement of marriage in its traditional form. These laws are not based on policy whimsy; they are grounded in policy as deeply rooted as any that exists in Nevada law.

“They define Nevada society.”

That being said, the Nevada Attorney General has serious concerns about the viability of their law, after another recent landmark decision where the 9th US Circuit Court rules that gays and lesbians could not be excluded from jury selection based their sexual orientation. So Nevada at least may be getting ready to “grin and bear” SSM coming to their state.

Now we start to step beyond the looking glass, as an Oklahoma Republican lawmaker seriously proposes ending ALL marriages to avoid allowing SSM in their state. Can you all give me a big “WTF?” From the article:

Turner says it’s an attempt to keep same-sex marriage illegal in Oklahoma while satisfying the U.S. Constitution. Critics are calling it a political stunt while supporters say it’s what Oklahomans want.

While this is crazy, it’s also a political tactic which is called “scorched earth outrage”, and it goes like this.

  1. Something happens you don’t like, such as SSM.
  2. You respond by banning ALL marriages, using misdirection and religious arguments to claim that you’re being forced into this by the evil liberals and Emperor Obama.
  3. The populace will rise up in protest over Emperor Obama’s forcing the goode folke of the Faire Lande of Oklahoma to throw away all their marriages. This outraged populace will hold a Constitutional Convention, overthrow the government, and bring back the hardline Christian theocracy/Taliban state which George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson *really* wanted.

Finally, we move from beyond the looking glass to right here in Kansas, which risks becoming crazy cuckoo land. A proposed bill, which has the tentative support of the Governor, would allow both private businesses AND government workers to REFUSE to provide service to people based on their religious beliefs. From the article:

The measure allows government employees to invoke the rule’s protections in providing a lawful service, though it says the agency must “promptly” provide another worker to do so “if it can be done without undue hardship on the employer.”

It really is just that crazy – you could wait in line at the DMV for an hour, get to the front of the line, and have the desk jockey say “sorry, Jesus says we need to kill the trannies, so I’m not serving you. In fact, this is a Christian DMV, so you can’t be served here. I think there’s someone in Garden City who might help you…it’s just 5 short hours away.”

What’s scary is I really can’t say how it would go. Knowing my fellow Kansans, if this measure was put to a public ballot I could see it easily gathering 60% or more of the popular vote. A somewhat large portion of Kansas is either rich people hiding from all the scary masses behind the walls of their gated communities in self-imposed apartheid – or else small-town folks brainwashed by their religious leaders into believing in an interpretation of the New Testament which is so surreal it belongs in a Fellini film.

Arin Andrews and Katie Hill, Transgender Teenage Couple, Transition Together

This couple has appeared here before on Transas City, but they are being highlighted again because they and their story have really set social media abuzz across the world, as mentioned. This longer interview has a slide show of photos at the bottom of it, and while some may focus on what a lovely couple they are, notice how happy they look in each photo!

Arin Andrews and Katie Hill, Transgender Teenage Couple, Transition Together.

Transgender Teen Lovebirds Pose in Swimsuit Shoot

He loves she. She loves he. But both have had SRS, and as a result they can still be a hetero couple. I wonder if the purpose was to show photos of the girl, or to tell their story? I’m guessing “photos.”

Transgender teen lovebirds pose in swimsuit shoot after both having gender reassignment surgery | Mail Online.