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Campaign Video for Paula Overby, Transgender Candidate for Congress

I’ve posted before aboutPaula Overby, who is hoping to become the first openly transgender Congressperson by running for Minnesota’s second district. She mailed me a link to her campaign video, which I’ve included below. I don’t vote in her state of course, but I wish her all of the luck and fortune she can use, and go Paula!

Paula Overby Could be Minnesota’s First Transgender Congressional Candidate

Overby_PaulaShe depicts herself as facing an extreme, uphill battle, and she probably has that right. The Democratic Party in her state has had some poor luck lately, sort of like neighboring state Wisconsin has had, and she has no political experience yet. But the only way you get political experience is by running, and maybe she will pave the way as the first of us to make it to Congress?

One thing you need to do, Paula, is smile. A Google image search and some other searches were unable to pull up a single photo where you weren’t either frowning or neutral. I know I’m a fine one to criticize, given that I don’t smile much, but I’m not running for office…

Paula Overby, Eagan, could be state’s first transgender congressional candidate | ABC Newspapers.