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Italian Transgender Woman Wins Legal Battle to Remain Married to Wife

Another success story. Even if the Italian court would have said “no,” she could have still gone to the European Community’s Human Rights Commission. However, that would have taken much more money and time, so winning this victory at the local level is really nice. Nonetheless, it was 5 years of fighting.

Italian transgender woman wins legal battle to remain married to wife after sex change – Europe – World – The Independent.

Transgender Woman Vladimir Luxuria Arrested in Sochi for Carrying Rainbow Flag

I have to say, this article rubbed me the wrong way from the start, with a title using “transgender” as a noun (I fixed it in the title of this post).

OK, on one hand she had to know what would happen. She’s protesting gay rights in Russia, for crying out loud. Harassment may be wrong, but in Russia it just is.

The good news is, she was released within 24 hours, with no charges. According to the Italian Foreign Ministry, “she was not injured or threatened by the Russian police.” Knowing nothing else conflicting with this, we have to take them at their word

The odd reaction of the International Olympic Committee was a statement that she wasn’t even arrested. So if she wasn’t arrested, then why did Italy‚Äôs Foreign Ministry say “Our team worked for her freedom from the very first moment. She was released within 24 hours?”

Someone is covering something up, but in the meantime, Vladimir Luxuria, you keep on fighting!

Transgender Vladimir Luxuria arrested in Sochi for carrying ‘Gay is OK’ rainbow flag | Mail Online.

Murdered Transwoman is Given Amazing Respect by the Catholic Church

It may seem minor, but in reality, this is a “wow” moment. Andrea Quintero was homeless and desperate when she left Colombia for Italy, in search of a more accepting society, and the potential for meeting a man who would be kind to her and love her. But in Rome she found nothing but pain, accumulating injuries from beatings on the train platform where she lived. On July 29, 2013, her body was found on that platform, the result of a brutal beating. On that same day, Pope Francis said five words about homosexuality: “Who am I to judge?”

Andrea’s body was recovered by charity workers who wanted to give her a Catholic funeral. A Jesuit Priest opened the doors of one of the most prominent Catholic churches in Rome, and then something special happened – throughout her funeral service, the priest acknowledged Andrea as “she.” Something which the Catholic Church has never done before.

Father Giovanni La Manna, who helped organize Andrea’s funeral, is quoted thus:

“With Pope Francis, we have courage, we have enthusiasm. We have no excuse. We are called to open our hearts.”

This CNN link, where the story originated, has an excellent video, which is also heartbreaking.

Amazing change occurred at transgendered woman’s funeral | News – Home.