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Scandal-Ridden NJ Governor Vetoes Bill Allowing Transgender People to Get New Birth Certificates

Republican governor Chris Christie, is apparently shameless even after his aides orchestrated a bridge-closing as a dirty-tricks political payback which resulted in the death of a 91 year old woman, and not even week later it’s alleged he used disaster funds intended for Hurricane Sandy victims to make campaign ads featuring him and his family. So he has apparently decided to double-down on the stupidity.

Christie’s stated reason for denying transgender persons in his state an easier way to get congruent birth certificates was the massive, sweeping identity fraud committed by transpeople – almost of a Biblical nature. And I mean Old Testament here. Christie’s reasons are absolute bullshit of course, and he’s doing no more than following the recent religious conservative line of “transpeople are icky and as soon as it’s convenient, we’re going to do something about them.”


Chris Christie vetoes bill allowing transgender people to get new birth certificates | NJ.com.

Who, Then, Really Is Trans? | Opinion by Dana Beyer

Dana Beyer, a transgender columnist for the Huffington Post, discussed the question of “how do you define a transgender person?” The Transgender and Policy Institute claims 2-5% of us are gender dysphoric. The Williams Law Institute gives a number of 0.3% as being transgender. Traditional medical journals give numbers ranging from 1 in 3,000 to 1 in 30,000, depending on the gender and criteria. There is also the question of whether drag queens and kings, crossdressers, genderqueer persons, etc. qualify. Personally I don’t think there is a good answer, which is one reason we have so many categories to place people into.

Who, Then, Really Is Trans? | Dana Beyer.