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FDNY’s First Transgender Firefighter Kicks Butt

I love this article in the Village Voice about Brooke Guinan! Not only is she making it in one of the toughest and butchest professions there is, but she’s textbook “out and proud” as a transsexual woman!

But some of her fellow New Yorkers, the ones she’s saving the lives of, don’t exactly seem to give her 100 percent support.

“Every day is a process of getting on a subway and wondering how many people look at you, wondering if they know that you’re trans or not. Every day is a learning experience in gender roles, how you fit in your society, what gender roles you accept and what ones you see for the fabrications that they are.”

What is worse is seeing the comments some trolls leave behind on her poster, or the FDNY Facebook page and other articles. People saying things like “I’m a man wearing makeup” or “it’s gross.”

“You have people who not only want to take away your gender identity but there are people who want to take away my humanity and turn me into an it,” Guinan says. “It took a really long time for me to get to the point of [saying], This is me. This is my truth. This is my identity.”

Her Department does give her support, although increasing gender diversity in the Fire Department of New York will be an uphill battle at best, especially since a mere 41 of its 10,200 firefighters are women. Wow.

FDNY’s First Transgender Firefighter Really Is New York City’s Bravest | Village Voice.

Gulf Countries May Use Tests to Ban Transgender and LBG Persons from Entering

I’m disappointed, but I am absolutely unsurprised. The number of Muslim-led countries which have an ounce of compassion for transgender persons can be counted on one finger – or less. And don’t even tell me about Iran; the truth is still grim for transpersons in that country.

Note as well that the test are being proposed not just in Kuwait, but in all Gulf Cooperate Countries (GCC). From the article:

Yousouf Mindkar, director of public health at the Kuwaiti health ministry, said that the routine clinical screenings will be given to expatriates coming into the Gulf Cooperate Countries, which will include tests to identify LGBT people. If they identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, they will be banned.

“Health centres conduct the routine medical check to assess the health of the expatriates when they come into the GCC countries,” Mindkar said, according to Gulf News. “However, we will take stricter measures that will help us detect gays who will be then barred from entering Kuwait or any of the GCC member states.”

The GCC is a political and economic union of Arab states, including countries Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Emirates, Oman and Bahrain.

Kuwait May Use ’Gaydar’ to Ban Gays From Country :: EDGE Provincetown.

Great ABA Article on Transgender Youth

Really, I can’t do much justice to this article by trying to summarize it here. It’s a lengthy and comprehensive piece by the American Bar Association on the current status and developments in the field of accommodating transgender kids in schools, sports, and life.

I found this part here telling, about the discrimination faced by Nicole Maines.

By the time Nicole was in the third grade, according to the complaint, Asa C. Adams Elementary School recognized her as a female student and outlined how the situation would be handled in an education plan. She was placed in the girls’ chorus section, and it was agreed that she should use the girls’ restroom.

Shortly after Nicole started the fifth grade, a male classmate twice followed her into the girls’ restroom and called Nicole a fag, according to the complaint. He also disputed her use of the girls’ restroom. The boy was sent to the principal’s office, Levi says.

The boy reportedly entered the girls’ restroom again, and the school determined that the student’s grandfather, who was his guardian, encouraged him, according to Levi and the lawyer for the school district, Melissa Hewey.

So some hateful old geezer brainwashed his grandson. Classy.

The boy was suspended and removed from Nicole’s class, Hewey says. The boy’s grandfather, Paul Melanson, complained to the Orono School Committee, with support from the Christian Civic League of Maine.

Of course, because bullying, harassment, and slurs are the sorts of things Jesus would approve of. Wait, what?

Melanson also filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission. Prohibiting his grandson from using the girls’ bathroom or the faculty one like Nicole did, he argued, violated the boy’s right to public accommodation under the state human rights act.

Shame there weren’t punitive fines for frivolous actions.

“It ticks me right off that you’re letting a kid run the whole system,” Melanson told the Bangor Daily News. “Little boys do not belong in the little girls’ room, and vice versa. This isn’t just about my kid. A lot of children have come up to me and said that this isn’t right.”

Oh, the children have ruled it isn’t right. Well, that convinces me – everyone, back in the closet!

After the Maines’ lawsuit, a state senator proposed a modification to the state human rights act that would shield public institutions and businesses from discrimination complaints involving transgender people and bathrooms, showers and locker rooms. The proposal failed.

Yeah…feelin’ the hate here.

If you want to dig into the deeper details of what transgender youth are facing today, take a read.

For young people, transgender life means stress and confusion over restrooms, sports and harassment.

University of Pittsburgh Faces Lawsuit from Transman

This story is really strange, I must admit. If even a quarter of the complaints are true, Pitt sure seems like a trans-hostile place. And if they gave the plaintiff’s name to the FBI over a bomb threat…I hope he wins a few score million.

Pitt faces suit from man questioned about threats – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

EDITORIAL – We Have a Long Way to go for Transgender Liberation


An editorial linked from Feminsting, which I think is quite downbeat – I mean, although it makes some important points about everything from trans rights to misgendering, I think it’s somewhat negative. However, since I am not the world, I felt others might like to read it.

I do think that *some* of the misgendering of Chelsea Manning was not due to trans hate or sloppiness, but in part because *some* reporters and commentators simply thought it was a ruse, having not delved into the story deep enough.

We have a long way to go for transgender liberation.

HATE ALERT: Conservative Christianity and the Transgender Question

ROMANIA-ANTI-GAY-PROTESTA deceptively hateful message from Southern Baptist “Ethics and Religious Liberty President” Russell Moore. The gist of it is, if you’re trans, you are violating the direct orders of both the Old Testament and Jesus, but Conservative Christians should take pity on you and teach you the Right Way. In other words, “we should try to convince you that you’re deluded or crazy, rather than set your house on fire or murder you.” See, that’s progress…right?

The photograph above is from an anti-LGBT protest in Romania, driven by church leaders who whipped their congregations into a frenzy to go forth and fight the LGBT Satan in clouds of sulfur.

Conservative Christianity and the transgender question.

HATE ALERT – Transphobe Produces 5-Minute Video Mocking California’s New Law

HateVideoThe title says it all. If you can stand it, watch the video to see a good example of subtle hate from Dan Joseph at CNSNews. You know, it’s just “common sense, ” right? Let’s list the ways he biased the video:

  • He holds the “interviews” at George Mason University, a somewhat right-leaning campus.
  • He doesn’t show that he took a random sampling. We have no idea how many respondents were opposed to his viewpoint.
  • He coaches the second interviewee with praise for his anti-trans position.
  • He repeats portions of interviews with a man who supports his view, but not with anyone who opposes it.
  • He continually and persistently refers to a transgender girl as a man or boy continuously. Such as about 3 minutes referring to a transgender woman as a “guy.”
  • Then he has a fictional, stupid, contrived, factually incorrect, and bigoted dramatization in two parts in the video.

The average American surely isn’t so stupid they will fall for this, right? Right? Oh wait…


Will California’s Gender-Bending Bathroom Law Play on the East Coast? | CNS News.

Republican Lawmaker Pulls Son From Class Over New Transgender Law

Breaking news! I’ve been crying and praying non-stop for this poor, poor man and his victimized family! To think that in this day and age, his 13 and 16 year-old sons might have to sit in a stall next to a transgender person…Jesus is rolling over in his grave! When one of those transgenders even enters the hallowed doors of a high school, it’s like they’ve personally raped every single boy, girl, and teacher in the school! I hear their school mascot even BURST INTO FLAMES over this crime against nature!

Oh wait, no. Good job, Tim Donnelly, you’re a bigoted creep, and apparently you taught your sons to carry on in your name. Have fun being left behind…

Republican Lawmaker Pulls Son From Class Over New Transgender Law « CBS Los Angeles.

Transgender Menace – FOX Conservatives Unite in Manufactured Outrage

FOX News just can’t get enough about telling everyone about the transgender menace. Predictably, this is about the recent California initiative allowing transgender children the right to use the appropriate bathroom. In other words, it’s Trans Toilet Terrorism (TTT) again…

Just read this quote and see if you think this came from the mind of a rational, intelligent person:

Commentator Gretchen Carison also gave her two cents on the issue and said, “We know that kids like to pull pranks. Can you imagine-not that I did any thing like this-[but] can you imagine… the boys want to go into the girls bathroom and the girls want to go into the boys bathroom.”

“They can just say, ’Oh, well, I was transgender for the moment,’” Carlson, who is regarded as “the voice of reason” on the program, added.

This was a particular problem for Bolling because transgender students people may be running around exposing their genitalia to unwilling viewers.

Of course, the FOX commentators also wrung their hands over the trillions of sexual harassment lawsuits which are going to come from this. And furthermore:

Looking to make certain these law suits happen is Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute, a conservative legal group based in Sacramento. The “institute” issued a news release soliciting plaintiffs, non-transgender people who have been bullied by the presence of transgendered people in their bathroom.

“It is irresponsible to have this kind of legislation,” Dacus told Fox News, “that grotesquely violates the privacy rights and security interests and need of students who are changing, who are using their bathrooms.”

Know your enemy.

Transgender Menace-Conservatives Unite in Outrage :: EDGE New York City.

Serving in Silence

The Williams Institute has released a new report on transgender veterans,Still Serving in Silence: Transgender Service Members and Veterans in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey. This report is a statistical survey of 1,261 transgender veterans and currently serving troops, and asks them a variety of questions about their experiences, including discrimination and challenges which they have faced.

Edited to add: yes I know the ladies in the photograph are almost certainly not transgender, based on the interviews with them. I can’t show a photo of a transwoman or transman kissing their spouse, because…we can’t. That’s part of the problem.

Annika Penelope: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started My Transition

From the Huffington Post, an interesting collection of advice, however I dvery mildly isagree with some of it. For example, I would modify (2) to also say “…and say hello to feminine privilege,” because I have definitely benefited from that more than I lost anything.

Annika Penelope: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started My Transition.