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The Face of Evil: Florida Lawmaker Says Using Restroom Is A Choice For Transgender People

Dear readers, I don’t actually throw around the word “evil” very often. Or at least I try my best to avoid such. But I swear to you, some days it’s almost as if the bigots, fundamentalist religious zealots, and other Hamburglars of human rights are deliberately trolling me.

Such is the case with Florida State Representative and future Nobel prize-winner Frank Artiles, a Republican who has introduced a bathroom policing bill to:

“…restrict single-sex public facilities — including restrooms in restaurants, theaters, workplaces, and schools — to people of the corresponding “biological sex, either male or female, at birth.” Violators would be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail.”

Furthermore, this budding 21st-century Thomas Jefferson has been quoted as saying:

“People are not forced to go the restroom. They choose to go to the restroom.”

When asked about how this bill would impact transgender persons, Artiles pontificated thusly:

“While I understand there are transgender people who want to use bathrooms however they want to feel, that is irrelevant to me,” Artiles explained. He said gender identity was “subjective” and the birth sex of a transgender person is the only factor that should dictate which restroom they use.

Transgender persons aside, Artiles apparently has never heard of intersex persons, medically documented over centuries of medical science and civilization. Then again, in his defense he’s probably been focused upon the more pressing problems of “why do secular humanists insist that the earth circles the sun” and “the war on Good Friday.”

Florida Lawmaker Says Using Restroom Is A Choice For Transgender People.

Police Blotter – 31 July, 2014

Three cases of crimes against transgender persons suddenly jumped to the surface of my news feed. We try here at Transas City not to focus too much on single crimes, for two reasons. First and foremost, many in the community have “tragedy fatigue,” in that they already fully know and have experienced hatred against themselves and our people, and they don’t need to keep seeing news reports of another dead transperson. Secondly, early news reports also carry with them a high level of speculation, “he-said-she-said,” and uncertainty. And outside of opinion pieces, we deal in as much hard fact as possible here at Transas City.

In our first story of this police blotter, WDSU News reports that a New Orleans transgender woman was attacked and robbed, and manages to misgender her as well during the reporting. However, the primary topic of the article is not about anti-transgender hate crimes (even though the police say the crime was due to “sexual orientation[sic]”), but about the growing Hispanic community and its relations with the African-American community in New Orleans. My reaction?

Our next story involves a 15 year-old transgender girl whose crime against humanity was that she was trying to ride on the subway in Washington, D.C. Having ridden on the Green Line myself, I can say it’s not really that seedy of a place to be, especially at 4:30pm. The story thus far:

Metro Police have arrested and charged 24-year-old Reginald Anthony Klaiber with bias-motivated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the stabbing. They apprehended Klaiber at the Fort Totten station as he was attempting to flee the scene. Officers also recovered a 3.5-inch folding knife.

Metro spokesman Dan Stessell says the girl was stabbed once in the back and taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Witnesses told Transit Police detectives that the suspect made bias-motivated remarks about the victim’s transgender status immediately prior to the assault. The charges against Klaiber include the possibility of enhanced penalties for hate/bias motivation.

I mean good grief, why? You just have to seriously, seriously question the utility of keeping a person in society who just walks up, taunts a transgender girl, then stabs her – in public, in front of multiple witnesses, in a heavily policed area. That’s stupid, evil, AND crazy.
The final news item we have for you is one we will hear about in this year’s Transgender Day of Remembrance. Specifically, an arrest has been made in the Fort Meyers, Florida murder of transgender woman Eddie James Owens. Owens was apparently murdered, and then her body was burned to attempt to prevent identification. Apparently the victim knew her accused killer, and there was bad blood between them. The problem is, when you’re transgender having “bad blood” between you and someone else may very well result in your blood which is spilled.

An Osceola (Florida) High Transgender Student Runs for Prom King

Sebastian RollinsAnother in what I hope are a long line of successes at the youth level of activism – Sebastian Rollins, a transkid, is running for prom king and receiving quite a lot of support from both fellow students and school administrators (of course, with the recent Title IX ruling from the Department of Education, they have little choice in the matter).

Go Sebastian!

At Osceola High, a transgender student makes a run for prom king | Tampa Bay Times.

Another MTF/FTM Couple Get Engaged after Both Undergo SRS

There have been several of these couples in the news over the last year, but not so many that it’s the start of any sort of trend. I think the roving eye of the news finds matches where both parties cross their gender roles are interesting, and thus highlights their stories.

Mark and Jessica seem very happy in the photos, and I wish them a Thanksgiving best. There are many photos at the link below, several of them as their former gender.

Florida couple get engaged after both undergoing sex change operations | Mail Online.

ACLU Files Federal Complaint for Transgender Student Denied Bathroom Access

Wilson_AlexDo people still not get it, even in 2013? The university simply is not going to win, they’re going to lose money and time and public relations cred, and for what? So they can torment this poor woman who simply wants to be able to go to the proper toilet? Words fail tonight.

There is a short video segment at the link below.

ACLU files federal complaint on behalf of transgender PTEC student denied bathroom access | wtsp.com.

Slightly Sloppy Reporting that a Trans Couple Found a Same-sex Marriage Loophole

Florida_SSMThis has been reported on in both Texas and Florida, and I chose an article which had the fewest transphobic comments at the bottom of it. So Texas in its infinite wisdom said civilization will collapse when a transsexual woman tries to be declared a woman and marry a man, and so both Texas, and Kansas, have a situation where trans lesbians can be and remain married. And people are shocked – shocked! – that such would happen.

My beef is with the use of the word “loophole” to describe people making the best of a discriminatory situation. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that we all are allowed to marry *someone,* so if the state bans a transwoman from marrying a man, it cannot ban them from marrying a woman. Any state which does so risks its entire anti-SSM statute being thrown out by the US Supreme Court.

We take advantage of this situation – loophole – whatever. My marriage to Fiona is intact and we are now a legally married same-sex couple. And we’re damn happy, too!

Couple finds same-sex marriage loophole | News – Home.