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Transgender Priest Gives Sermon at Washington National Cathedral

This is the first time a transgender person has led service at the National Cathedral, and it again marks another milestone in our path towards mainstreaming our community.

The Reverend Cameron Partridge, the Episcopal chaplain at Boston University and a lecturer and counselor for Episcopal and Anglican students at the Harvard Divinity School, is a transman who completed transition in 2001. Reverend Partridge spoke on the ideals of revelation and strength.

“When Jesus tells his disciples to speak in the light, to uncover the hidden, to proclaim from the heights, he is asking them to join that stream, to become active participants in that blindingly good news,” Mr. Partridge said. “Of course, Jesus also explicitly warns that not everyone would experience such revelation as good, and that some might actively persecute the disciples for it. Doing this work would be utterly demanding.”

A good biblical example of someone with resilience and strength, Mr. Partridge said, is Hagar, the handmaiden who was forced to bear Abraham’s child only to be exiled with their son, Ishmael.

“Like Hagar, so many people in the LGBTQ community, and particularly in the trans community, have at one point or another or for a lifetime found ourselves in situations of intense oppression, isolation and despair,” he said. “We have been utterly unable to see beyond the horizon of our often multiple, intersectional margins.”

Transgender priest gives sermon at Washington National Cathedral – Washington Times.

Transgender Arkansas Episcopal Priest Severed from her Church

The Episcopal Church received many accolades over the last couple of years for reputedly being welcoming and non-discriminatory towards LGBT persons. However, this incident outlines what clearly seems to be at best a “difference in interpretation,” and at worst outright religious gender discrimination.

I’ll let the story tell itself, but basically a transgender priest was “severed” (meaning “fired”) from her church for coming out to her congregation as transgender. The bishop, claiming that the acceptance policy of the Episcopal faith somehow didn’t apply in this circumstance, severed the priest from the church, in a letter which misgendered her at the same time.

Transgender Arkansas Episcopal Priest Severed from her Church.