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Where Mainstream Blogs Get it Wrong: Joan Rivers is a “Longtime LGBT ally?”

I guess she’s a “longtime LGBT ally” if the “L” is a typographical error, the “B” is silent, and the “T” was added by a politically correct editor. This is just more proof that “mainstream” blogs get it wrong some of the time.

Joan Rivers was and as far as I can tell is not an ally of transpeople at all, other than chumming it up at times with RuPaul (who is a self-deprecating crossdresser, not a transsexual). I can well remember sitting and seething silently as on Johnny Carson, ET, and even in her Oscar night fashion bits she made very cruel jokes about or referring to transpeople. And she recently received bad press by referring to Michelle Obama as a “tranny.”

Inquiring about the impromptu ceremony, an unidentified reporter asked controversial octogenarian when we will have a gay president, to which she replied, “We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down.

She then goes on — unprompted! — to say “You know Michelle is a tranny.” When the reporter attempts to clarify, she responds: “A transgender. We all know.”

When fellow comedian and long-time anti-LGBT celebrity Tracy Morgan apologized for his anti-gay jokes, Rivers said he shouldn’t have bothered, since gay people shouldn’t be watching him anyways. And when fellow 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin made an anti-gay slur, Rivers again jumped to the defense with her own anti-gay comments.

I’m not trying to be mean-spirited and wish her or her family pain in her illness, but for goodness sake, let’s be honest here – she is not an ally of transpeople and her record is spotty at best for the LGB community. The author of this article has just grabbed “LGBT” and thrown it out there without any real thought or meaning.

Daughter: Longtime LGBT ally Joan Rivers is in ‘serious condition’ – LGBTQ Nation.

Jay Kelly Knows Who He Is

Jay Kelly (photo from Instagram)

Jay Kelly (photo from Instagram)

Jay Kelly, formerly known as Jaya Kelly, is the transgender son of singer R. Kelly and TV personality Drea Kelly. Last month he publicly revealed that he is transgender on his social media accounts.

He has said that was 6 or 7 years old when he realized he identified as a boy rather than as a girl. “I believe I am a boy and want surgery and the medication to help me be who I was supposed to be,” he explained.

Jay shared that his family is supportive and switched to using his new name and correct pronouns. However, many people speculated if he meant his entire family, including his father, since they seem to not see each other very often. We finally learned the answer to that question this week.

R. Kelly appears to be in a state of denial right now, and is possibly even looking for an explanation about how his child could be trans. During a radio interview earlier this week, he responded to a question from the host about all of the blog reports on Jay by saying, “…don’t even give the blogs that kind of credit. But as far as that’s concerned, always believe what you see — with your own eyes that is.” He seems to be implying that the blogs are reporting who Jay is rather than Jay himself. Hmmm…

When pressed further, he said that there is a “backstory” and why people can’t judge another person. Backstory? One self-described black feminist blogger (whom I won’t name or link to because I don’t want to promote her false statements towards Jay) speculated that Jay was acting out because of his father’s alleged sex crimes and was neglected at home.

One writer did call out the media by listing 5 ways their reporting was poor, from calling Jaya the wrong name and pronoun, discussing surgery, and promulgating false transgender stereotypes.

As for R. Kelly himself, I hope he stops listening to bloggers and listens to his son. Jay knows who he is. If he needs to “believe what he sees,” he needs to spend some time with his son so he can see what the rest of us can — a happy, confident teenage boy.