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June 2019 Trans Talk and Community Calendar for June-July 2019

Hello I’m Fiona Nowling with the Kansas City community calendar. As usual, all the calendar can be found on the Tenth Voice Facebook page at

The first event on the calendar is the regular episode of Trans Talk, an episode of the Tenth Voice, on 90.1fm KKFI, streaming online at and via various apps on your phones!  Today, June 22nd, from 1-2 pm central time, we’ll be talking to Faith about the upcoming Trans Pride March, to Una about her experiences in an Asia this month, and we’ll have our usual news rant (hi Una!) and finish up with the community calendar (which is right here in a sneak preview!).

On June 22, as you just heard from Faith, there will be the first ever Kansas City Trans Pride March. This is a family-friendly and accessible event that will begin by gathering at Valentine Rd and Broadway in KCMO between 3:30 to 4:30, and you should park in the north west corner parking lot. The meet up will commence at Hamburger Mary’s Patio, and the march will begin at 4:30. The organizers are looking for volunteers and helping hands, and you can find out more about the Trans Pride March and volunteer should you choose to, by going to kctranspridemarch on Facebook, or by searching for kc trans pride march on

There will also be another new pride this year.  Northland Pride will take place on June 30th 3-6pm in Linden Square.  You can find more information at or their facebook page,   They are currently accepting applications for vendors, sponsors, artists and other resources, so if you want to get involved, you can message them on their facebook page or email them at

That same day, there will be the Johnson County Pride Picnic, at Sar Ko Par Trails Park from 11am to 2pm.  This is hosted by five local organizations, including Equality Kansas of Metro Kansas City, and JoCo QSpace.  Details about it can be found by going to and their events page, or direct to   We do have a few things to celebrate in Johnson County for Pride this year, and some glaring omissions from some of the larger cities, such as Olathe and Overland Park.

An early heads up for an event for August too – on August 21st, from 2pm to 7pm, the Kansas City Center for Inclusion is hosting an LGBTQ Job Fair at the University of Kansas Medical Center at 3901 Rainbow Boulevard, Kansas City, Kansas.  Details can be found by going to their Facebook page and then to their events page, or directly at It’s worth visiting their events page anyway, they have all sorts of events going on every month.

Every month, I lead the Kansas City SOFFA group for Significant Others, Friends, Family, and Allies of Transgender and nonbinary persons. We meet on the first and third Wednesday of the month. In July, we’re only meeting once, on the 17th, because the library is shutting early on the 3rd.  That’s just the 17th, in Study Room 116 at Leawood Pioneer Library, 6.30 – 8pm. For driving directions and other SOFFA information, you can visit or email

Every third Thursday, the Equal Trans Support Group meets at 5:00 PM. They also have a friends plus allies meeting on the second Monday of the month, at 6pm, and both are at the Kansas City Center for Inclusion, a couple of doors down from our studio at 3909 Main Street, Kansas City Missouri.  The Center has lots of other events too, which can be found on their Facebook page at

JoCo Q-Space is a youth group for LGBTQ youth. They meet every Thursday from 5:30pm to 8:30pm at Saint Andrew Christian Church 13890 W 127th St, Olathe, KS 66062. For more information, go to

They are the Kansas equivalent of Passages, Kansas City Missouri’s long-running LGBTQ youth group, which meets at the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project’s Q-mmunity Space, 4050 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 135, Kansas City, MO, 64111, every Wednesday at 5.30pm – 9pm.

There is an MTF support group at the Kansas City Center for Inclusion on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 6pm. There is an FTM support group elsewhere, both for adults and for youth, so if you are interested, please text or call Gus at 816-785-8686.

On the third Saturday of the month, Authentically Me meets from 1-3pm at The Kansas City Center for Inclusion. This is a social group for gender diverse children in KC and their families, aimed at children 12 and under.

The Kansas City PFLAG chapter, which is Parents, Families, Friends, and Allies of LGBT people will meet on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 3pm, at the Village Presbyterian Church in Prairie Village, and the 4th Sunday of the month at 3pm, at the Kansas City Center for Inclusion.

I’m Fiona Nowling and that’s the community calendar for the upcoming month.

If you have any events that you think should be added to the calendar, please message us on the Tenth Voice Facebook page, or email us through TransasCity!

April 2019 Trans Talk on KKFI

Our first topic is the anti-transgender action perpetrated on April 11 at UMKC by a transphobic guest speaker, and the reaction by the UMKC and KCMO police. We will speak to Faith, an eyewitness to the event who will give us an account of what really went down. Then we will talk to Michael Patch, the Artistic Director of Choral Spectrum, Kansas City’s LGBT+ chorus that works to create bridges between different parts of the Queer Community. Last but not least, we will speak with Ian Staten and Lucy Kullowner from the Redux Society, an organization working to bring back art, fashion, and dance from the past with a modern twist, holding monthly queer dances and working to make their lessons inclusive of queer and gender variant folk.

I do hope you will be able to join us this Saturday, April 27 at 1:00 pm on 90.1 KKFI, Kansas City Community Radio! You can also stream the program live on, or via various apps on your phone.

March 2019 Trans Talk on KKFI

This month on Trans Talk we’re going to feature the return of former Trans Talk hostess Nichole Reighlie! We’re going to talk about her life and times, especially becoming the first transgender woman to hold a royalty position in the Missouri Gay Rodeo Association. We’ll also hear about her bid to become the first transgender woman to run for Ms. IGRA (International Gay Rodeo Association)!

We will have a take on the transgender news of the month, and trans and non-binary book review by Anthony, and then finish up the show with the community calendar update from Fiona.  I do hope you will be able to join us this Saturday, March 23 at 1:00 pm on 90.1 KKFI, Kansas City Community Radio! You can also stream the program live on, or via various apps on your phone.

REMINDER: Kansas City Transgender Day of Remembrance 2018

Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is an annual observance that remembers and memorializes the lives of transgender and gender non-binary persons who were murdered due to transphobia and hate. TDOR is a time for all members of our diverse community to come together in strength and power, as we read the names of the fallen and hear the voices of those who carry on the fight.

For the event of Tuesday, November 20th, the following events have been scheduled by a group of hard-working individuals from our own Kansas City area community (copied from the Facebook event page).

6:00 PM: VIETNAM MEMORIAL FOUNTAIN ON THE PLAZA (Broadway and 42nd Street)
Call-to-action rally in support of the transgender community. Local TGNC leaders will speak and equip allies with the tools and knowledge they need to support their transgender and gender non-conforming neighbors.

This silent march will be just under a mile up Main Street. Please bring signs calling for transgender rights, transgender advocacy, transgender support, etc. Dress for the weather.

Short debrief for all supporters.

Vigil and place of mourning for transgender and gender non-conforming folx. Cisgender allies, please respect that this space is meant to serve as a safe place of grief and fellowship for the transgender and gender non-conforming community. We ask that you reflect on your position and situation, and respect the need for trans-dominated spaces.

8:00 PM: End of vigil and closing of Transgender Day of Remembrance.

For additional information contact

Sustenance for the Soul – Concert on June 16th 2018!

Transfinity KC Chorus will be holding their Spring/Summer concert this coming Saturday, June 16th, 7pm, at Kansas City United Church of Christ (65th & Brookside).

There will be lots of food, wine, and singing, and a new addition to the repertoire – poetry readings by local transgender and gender non-conforming poets.

You do not need tickets in advance, but you can make a donation at the door if you choose, to support the work of TKC.


Necessary Changes to Transas City

As I’ve been updating the site with more of my archival materials (I still have less than a third posted so far), I’ve had to also make some necessary changes in the site.

When the site first started in 2012, there was a dearth of transgender information available locally to our community on how to transition legally in Kansas and Missouri. To help folks out with the legal aspects of transition, I consulted a local attorney and received information from transgender persons who had gone through the transition process, including my own experiences in Kansas, and I created the Kansas and Missouri transition pages. Which helped numerous people over the years.

Unfortunately, time passed and the information on the site became stale. I sought out legal help again from 3 different attorneys who frequently work with transgender persons in the KCMO area, and all three refused to help me in any way. Even when I asked for just general guidelines and how-to’s, they either said they didn’t want to get involved, or in one case said “why should I post information on your site that will make me lose business, Una?” I guess I have to credit her mercenary honesty.

I made a second effort this last fall to get updated information, but was unable to find a single attorney or paralegal willing to donate even a couple of hours of time to help me. While several persons who had gone through the process recently were kind enough to offer their help, what I needed was a more authoritative legal guideline that was more generic.

Thus, in the interest of only providing accurate information, I have been forced to remove the pages.

There will be continued reorganization and updating of the site in the coming months, which will move the focus more towards community history, science, social, and ethnic resources for us. The site receives between 300-800 hits every day from humans (meaning, non-bots or web crawlers), and can top 10,000 in a day when a newsworthy article is posted. Clearly the information here is valued by some, and I’m going to continue to focus on my strengths.

Please note too that if you have an idea for something to host on the site, please contact me at Also, if you have any sort of trans-focused event you want publicized, send that to us and not only can we post about it here, but we can tell folks about it on the radio for free.

June 2017 Trans Talk on 90.1 KKFI

Hello, and welcome to the June 2017 Trans Talk Edition of The Tenth Voice! We will have Debi Jackson and her family with us on this month’s show. Debi is the proud mom of a transgender daughter, Avery, and an activist. Avery featured on the cover of a recent National Geographic issue, “The Gender Revolution“. They join us this month to talk about the impact that activism has had on their lives.

We will also have our regular news round up of issues affecting Transgender and Non-Binary people, and finish off with our regular community calendar spot. We do hope you will be able to join us this Saturday, June 24 at 1:00 pm on 90.1 FM KKFI, Kansas City Community Radio! You can also stream the program live on

May 2017 Trans Talk on 90.1 KKFI

Hello, and welcome to the May 2017 Trans Talk Edition of The Tenth Voice! We have two guests with us in the studio today. Registered nurse Kim Tilson is here to tell us all about the 2nd Annual Trans Health Inclusion conference which is coming soon, and to talk a bit about the past and present state of transgender health care. After a musical break we will be joined by Ari Copeland, a senior water scientist and transgender advocate who is going to discuss in depth some of the transgender news of the month and related issues with myself and Fiona in a roundtable – sort of a break from my usual news update, which many of my listeners refer to as “Una’s News Rant.” I guess we can call this the gender rainbow McLaughlin Group or something.

As usual, we will share with you the transgender news and the community calendar update. We do hope you will be able to join us this Saturday, May 27 at 1:00 pm on 90.1 FM KKFI, Kansas City Community Radio! You can also stream the program live on

Early Transgender Film Review: I Want What I Want (1972)

I Want What I Want

Summary: a surprisingly touching, respectful, and accurate fictional portrayal of the coming out of a transgender woman in England in the early 1970’s. This film avoids nearly all of the “transploitation” themes of most works up to the 2000’s and is a “must see” for anyone interested in a transgender “coming out” historical fiction from 45 years ago. Even though the lead is played by a cisgender woman, this film gives us a hint of how we could have started out on a more positive media footing barely 2 years after Stonewall. There is a complete review of the film at the link below, along with four clips from the film.

Movie Review: I Want What I Want (1972)

Some Positive UK Transgender Kids News (February, 2016)

We have three items from the United Kingdom to highlight in this little news roundup. The first is from Brighton College, where the school is allowing all kids the right to wear the male or female school uniform, depending upon their gender identity. Note that although the school has “college” in its name, this is actually a pre-university private school. From the Daily Mirror:

Mr Cairns told students last week that uniform codes dating back to the school’s inception in 1845 would be replaced by a ‘trouser uniform’ and a ‘skirt uniform’ for all pupils up to the age of 16.

The trouser uniform will see pupils wear a full tweed blazer, tie and trousers and the skirt uniform requires students to wear a skirt, bolero jacket and open-neck reverse blouse.

Parents will be required to write to the school before pupils can switch from one uniform to another.

Girls are already walking around the campus in trousers and the school said more than one boy has expressed the desire to wear a skirt.

Pupil Fred Dimbleby, 17, son of BBC broadcaster David Dimbleby, 77, said: “Personally, I’m completely in favour of it.

“I think it’s brilliant that we as an institution are leading this new approach and that we are leading this respect towards everyone no matter what they define themselves as.

“What’s really surprised me is the way that people have taken it within the school.

“I think that it’ll be foreign for people to see someone who defines themselves as a male wearing a skirt, and I think that will be something big, but I don’t think it’ll cause any outrage or backlash because that person will be massively supported by the pupil body.”

In another bit of news from the UK, a transgender girl has inspired the New Chapel Unitarian and Free Christian Church in Greater Manchester to start offering transgender baptisms. In short, to allow transgender persons to be baptized in their new name and gender expression.

Worship leader Jean Clements came up with the idea after meeting a couple who had a transgender child.

The church then backed the change to help others in the same situation.

Mrs Clements told the BBC : “I felt saddened by the fact that this family were being shunned by many mainstream churches.

“However, when the family came to New Chapel, the congregation welcomed them with open arms.”

Finally, a 5-year-old Nottinghamshire child has become one of the youngest cases of gender transition in Britain. Little Danni McFayden has re-entered her primary school as a girl after a social gender transition fully supported by both parents and teachers.

Children can take drugs to postpone puberty as well as hormone treatment, before NHS gender realignment surgery at 18.

The Gender Identity Research and Education Society says referrals for treatment of young people are growing by 50%.

Colin Pettigrew, from Nottingham County Council, said it was determined to support the youngster’s wishes.

He said: “Transgender is a new area for many school and is a characteristic protected by law.”

Archival Photograph: Christine Jorgensen Reads Her Autobiography

Christine Jorgensen’s story was introduced to most of the world via an autobiography which was published in the American Weekly magazine shortly after news broke of her sex reassignment surgery. We have purchased an original archival photograph of Jorgensen reading her own article in the Weekly, which has this caption on the reverse: “Preparing for a new life, in which publication of her color photographs will be the first task, Christine (nee George) Jorgensen reviews story[sic] of her life in American Weekly.” The date on the photograph is March 3, 1953, but there is reason to suspect it’s from later in the month. You can view and download a high-resolution scan of this photograph at this link here.

StoryCorps is Coming to KC



KCUR & GLAMA (The Gay and Lesbian Archive of Mid-America) are bringing StoryCorps to KC – they’ll be at GLAMA at UMKC recording interviews on June 10, 2015 – June 13, 2015.  It’s part of the StoryCorp OutLoud project – telling the stories of LGBT lives across America.

From StoryCorps’ website:

StoryCorps’ mission is to provide people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of our lives. We do this to remind one another of our shared humanity, to strengthen and build the connections between people, to teach the value of listening, and to weave into the fabric of our culture the understanding that everyone’s story matters. At the same time, we are creating an invaluable archive for future generations. … Each conversation is recorded on a CD to share, and is preserved at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

They are here to collect stories from people in the LGBT community, so if you are interested, make an appointment here –  Password is “lgbtstory”.

Kansas City Anti-Violence Project – LGBTQ Conversations for Change

The Kansas City Anti-Violence Project will be holding three town hall meetings over the next few weeks about various topics of concern to the LGBTQ community.  The first meeting is on May 11th and concerns Racism in LGBTQ Communities.


There was considerable discussion at the free screening of Limited Partnership about intersectionality in oppression, and the topic of the first town hall meeting is “Racism in LGBT Communities.”  These particular town hall meetings are only open to people that self-identify as members of the LGBTQ community.

A brief quote from the meeting topic page gives the motive for having these conversations now:

In light of the ongoing investigation of Dionte Green’s murder on October 31, 2014 with no justice, continued hate violence directed at LGBTQ individuals, law enforcement’s harassment of and misconduct towards marginalized communities, specifically LGBTQ individuals, and the general lack in representation of diversity and inclusion within LGBTQ community events and spaces, we must expand our conversations.

More information is available here:

UMKC Meetings of Interest

Una & I have been to a couple of the UMKC LGBTQIA meetings this academic year, and I have details to share about upcoming meetings.  There’s a couple of events and a college student and young adult support group that I have details for.

Trans+Social: Once weekly social support group held at UMKC exclusively for trans+ identifying individuals geared toward college students and young adult community members. Time and Day may vary from semester to semester and these meetings are only open to members of the Trans+ community. Email for current time and location.

Trans+Allies: Facilitated discussion group open to everyone including trans+ community members of all ages, family, and allies. Held once per month during the academic year (Sept-Dec, Feb-May) at UMKC. Email with any questions.  The details for the last two Trans+Allies meetings of this semester are:

Tuesday, April 7th there will be a panel/roundtable on non-binary trans and genderqueer identities. The last meeting of the 2015 spring semester will be on May 5th and Michael Henderson from Counseling, Consulting & Mediation will come speak about the trans+ community and mental health. These two meetings will be held in UMKC’s Student Union room 302 from 6-8pm.