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Transas City Brief Report: Skin Changes on Hormones


Exclusive to Transas City: I’ve investigated and written a brief report on the results of two studies which examined in detail the effects of hormones on the skin quality of transgender men and women. Acne prevalence is covered as well. I believe the results of this study will help give transgender persons an improved idea changes to their skin which should be expected while on hormone therapy.

The brief report can be viewed at this link: Brief Report – Skin Changes

Transforming Skin: Transgender Dermatology

Danna Elaine Wheeldon sent me this link to an article by Dr. Brian Ginsberg about transgender skin care and dermatology treatment. One item I noted was he mentions “pumping parties” as an aside, and it’s terrible to think that in this day and age “pumping parties” still exist. But when folks are desperate and money is short, it’s unfortunately a fact of transgender life.

Transforming Skin: Transgender Dermatology | Brian Ginsberg, M.D..