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Petition Started: Classify “Gender Identity Watch” as a Hate Group

terfbingoIn case you’re not familiar with them, Gender Identity Watch (GIW) is a group founded by Maryland attorney Cathy Brennan, who is a spiritual leader in the Trans-exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF) movement. In case you’re not familiar with them, they are a fringe hate group which believes transgender women are insane male interlopers who are so desperate to infiltrate the world of women that we practice self-mutilation to do it. Once we infiltrate the world of women, naturally our primary focus turns to peeking under bathroom stalls, stealing jobs from women, and molesting and raping them. Actually, I’ll let Brennan, via Edge, speak for herself:

According to RationalWiki.org, Brennan claims that no transgender people were killed during the Holocaust because the word didn’t exist at the time. The site also claims that Brennan contacted a transwoman’s personal physician and further reports that Brennan has networked Pacific Justice Institute, a conservative Christian organization, in the Institute’s now debunked claim that a transgender teen was harassing other students at a girl’s restroom in a Colorado school. Pacific Justice Institute’s home page states its goals as “defending religious freedoms, parental rights, and other civil liberties.”

Scrolling through GIW’s homepage reveals posts in which transwomen are referred to as “men pretending to be women.” Lesbian identified transwomen are referred to as “pretendbians.”

Brennan’s issue with the trans community is vague at best. She claims that transwomen are “erasing female identity and histories.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a very fine organization which actively fights discrimination on a variety of fronts, including the courtroom. The article implies they are considering the classification, but there is no actual fact, mainly speculation. I’ll keep an eye on this issue.

Petition Started to Encourage Southern Poverty Law Center to Label ’Gender Identity Watch’ as Hate Group :: EDGE Boston.

AB 1266 Update Election Officials Must Validate Every Referendum Signature

This news is a little late, but I wanted to verify some things, as I’d seen a few different versions of the story in the press. In short, the religious conservative-based effort to overturn California Assembly Bill 1266, which would legalize at a state level the right of students to use bathroom and locker facilities concordant with their gender, has passed a milestone. It did not have enough signatures to pass, but it did come within 5%, which means there is now a mandatory recount of every signature, and there will be court battles in many critical counties as a result.

The losers in this are the transgender kids in California, but also all transgender persons in the United States. If this ballot initiative passes, then it will be a referendum to repeal AB 1266 this year, and the deep pockets of religious conservatives will open wide to put lurid and disgusting propaganda about transgender persons into every form of media in California.

This fight is important, and the outcome by no means certain either way.

AB 1266: Election officials must validate every referendum signature.

California’s Right Wing Taking on Transgender Kids

This is a somewhat balanced article from SFGate which does not demonize either side and presents some basic facts for a person who has not been actively  following this issue.

I however can demonize one side – those who are fighting so hard to remove protections for transgender kids are, speaking frankly, a hate group. Transgender kids are the most vulnerable of all of us, and every time conservatives claim they are doing this to protect their sweet, sweet treasures, I ask them the following:

  • Why do they never evince one shred of concern for transgender kids who are taunted, bullied, beaten, or worse by using the wrong bathrooms?
  • What protections will they guarantee for transgender kids who suffer abuse as a result of the repeal? More or less than “squat?”
  • Can they name even a single case in their state of a transgender teen assaulting a girl in the bathroom? Ever?
  • Why do they never bring up transboys, only transgirls? Are they too stupid to realize the arrow points both ways, or do they just not give a shit about their virginal sons?
  • Why, if their side is so pure and holy, do they not join in decrying the lies and libel and slander by hate groups like the National Organization for Marriage and the Pacific Justice Institute, especially when the latter has manufactured fake news stories of harassment? Why do they allow the law to be misrepresented? Is a lie OK as long as your friends are telling it?

California to some extent drives the nation. If the haters win here, I fear what will happen next. And don’t count on Californians doing the “right thing” and defeating the measure at the polls – remember, this is the same “hippy, dippy” state which thought gays and lesbians were so scary they should be banned by Constitutional Amendment from being allowed to marry someone they love. Large swaths of the state are very conservative, and if the propaganda message gets out that leering, hairy transgender “boys” are sexually harassing the virginal Aryan daughters of California…then all bets are off as to what will happen at the polls.

California’s right pins hopes on transgender issue – SFGate.

Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins Claims Gay, Transgender People Will Weaken Health Care System

Tony Perkins FRC
So it’s the FRC again, continuing their multi-pronged attack on the LGBT population. In their latest salvo, they now manage to blame Obama for working with “transvestites” to load down the health care system with “higher risk” people.

Missing, of course, is FRC’s proposal to apply Christian charity to help out uninsured LGBT persons…

Seriously, it’s almost like they’re a parody act. Nonetheless, they are a parody act with money and power behind them.

FRC’s Tony Perkins Claims Gay, Transgender People Will Weaken Health Care System – On Top Magazine | Gay news & entertainment.

Another Christan Williams Report – Fact Check: Anti-trans “Parents of Students” Speak Out at School Board Meeting

MenaceChristan Williams has done it again, pulling back the manhole and showing the sewer of the anti-trans movement. In this case, it appears that the reporter for the Canon City Daily Record either did a shitty job of reporting, or deliberately slanted her article. Hey, I’m in the newspaper business, believe me, I know how to spin something better than the Harlem Globetrotters on speed.

Here the primary issue is the reporter deliberately or negligently calling an anti-trans activist from outside the school district a concerned parent who asserted the cisgender girls going to the schools were victims. When called on this, the anti-trans activist admitted:

“The [cis] girls are the victims because, they’re the one’s who are being victimized, they cannot ridicule him [sic] and they have to show him [sic] respect.”

Ah…they’re “victims” because they can’t ridicule the transgender student. I’ll take “things people say while on shrooms” for $200, Alex…

Later, Williams reports on the bizarre anti-Obama-New-World-Order-Esque rant from the activist, which to be blunt, is scary.

Does anyone out there doubt that there’s a group of people who if given half the chance would round us up and put us into internment camps, or have us subjected to church-run medical experiments to kill off the evil transgender demons within us?

Fact Checking: anti-trans “parents of students” speak out at school board meeting | The Transadvocate.

Rolling Stone – Coy Mathis’ Fight to Change Gender

Coy Mathis made the news quite a bit this summer, and then her story dropped out of the public attention. Rolling Stone magazine is bringing it back to the forefront via a comprehensive and well-done article which was forwarded to me by Attorney Madeline Johnson.

I do question this statistic which was reported:

If the trans movement is the LGBT’s final frontier, then transgender youth represents its farthest outpost. Kids are coming out as trans earlier than ever: A survey of the San Francisco school district found that 1.6 percent of high school students and, incredibly, one percent of middle-school students identified as transgender.

If true, that blows any other survey out of the water, as IIRC the highest percentage reported for transgender youth by any scientific study was about 0.3-0.5%.
The article does a good job of outlining the hatred of religious conservatives towards our existence.

However, any reasonable discussion on the subject has been drowned out by conservative Republicans, who have staked out a position that is reflexively anti-trans. “Is that not the craziest thing you’ve ever heard?” Mike Huckabee asked at October’s right-wing Values Voter Summit, speaking of California’s anti-discrimination-schools law; California Republicans have already targeted its repeal as a top priority. Earlier this year, House Republicans tried to strip the Violence Against Women Act of its protections for transgender women, and Arizona state Rep. John Kavanagh introduced a bill that would have made it a crime for trans people to use their preferred bathrooms. Fox News commentators vehemently oppose any accommodation of trans kids in schools, something Bill O’Reilly calls “anarchy and madness.”

Perhaps no one is more outraged, however, than the religious right, of which Focus on the Family reigns as a dominant force. On Focus’ 81-acre Colorado Springs campus, some 600 employees put a chunk of their $90 million annual budget to work creating LGBT intolerance on every front, including fighting “safe-school” anti-bullying initiatives and pushing reparative therapy. Leading Focus’ charge to push people back into the closet is its “gender-issues analyst” Jeff Johnston, himself a proud “ex-gay” – now a married father of three boys – who blames what he calls the “sexual brokenness” of LGBT people on a combination of poor parenting, molestation and original sin. In his newsletters for Focus, Johnston treats trans people in particular with amused pity. “Male and female are categories of existence,” he wrote this year. “It is dehumanizing to categorize individuals by the ever-proliferating alphabet of identities based on sexual attractions or behavior or ‘gender identity’ – LGBBTTQQIAAFPPBDSM – however many letters are added. No. We stand with the truth.”

Don’t ever kid yourself that a large segment of America wouldn’t be quite happy to eliminate us.
It’s also telling reading how the principal of the school which discriminated against Coy just simply didn’t give a shit that he was breaking state law.

As attorney William Kelly Dude would write in the accompanying position paper, while perhaps it seemed acceptable for a harmless six-year-old like Coy to enter the girls’ room, he vividly described what a future infiltrator could look like: “a male high school student with a lower voice, chest hair and with more physically mature sex organs who claims to be transgender and demands to use the girls’ restroom” – a menacing portrait of an impostor that echoed the threat of Focus on the Family’s “Predator” ad. That hairy deviant would soon be Coy herself, as Dude would write the Mathises: “As Coy grows older and his male genitals develop . . . at least some parents and students are likely to become uncomfortable with his continued use of the girls’ restroom.” The decision had come down swiftly: For the protection of the district as a whole, Coy was to be banned from the girls’ restroom.

“You know this is against the law, right?” Kathryn demanded of Principal Crow in his office a couple of days after his phone call. This wasn’t just about finding Coy a toilet. It was about the larger message Coy would be forced to internalize every time she had to relieve herself: that she was abnormal, that there was something so grotesque or unsafe about her that her very presence in a place as delicate as a bathroom was intolerable. And Coy wouldn’t be the only one digesting that attitude; so, too, would her peers.

“There’s nothing I can do,” Crow, a tall, soft-spoken man with dark, slicked-back hair, told Kathryn. “My hands are tied.”

Well too bad, dude, you lost and civil rights won. Deal with it.

Coy Mathis’ Fight to Change Gender | Culture News | Rolling Stone.

Cristan from the Transadvocate Does Good Work Again – Intimidation by Anti-Transgender Signature Gatherers

Cristan Williams, who has campaigned tirelessly to expose the lies of the anti-transgender movement in California, has posted a new video showing verbal abuse by two of the good and righteous members of the anti-transgender proposition AB1266, which would repeal protections for transgender youth.

The video is both scary and unsurprising. Even if we win this battle, we’re clearly drawing the attention of the same hate groups who targeted lesbians and gays.

Add intimidation to the lies, fraud of the anti-AB1266 effort as signature gatherer caught bullying trans advocate | The Transadvocate.

Haters Threatening an Upset: Opponents of California Transgender Student Rights Get Signatures to Repeal

This is a serious issue for every transperson in the United States, not just California, because California sets the precedent in many social issues. When the anti-SSM amendment was passed in California, several other states put their initiatives on hold or slowed them down until the recent US Supreme Court victories. What happens in California very often does not stay in California.

Take this threat seriously. The opposition has spread fear and lies and disgusting demonizations of transgender people, not helped by the recent Pacific Justice Institute’s fake and libelous “news” about a transgender student harassing girls in the bathrooms in Colorado. Remember how everyone thought that California would laugh at an anti-SSM amendment – only to discover that a large number of minority groups came out of the closet as “sudden conservatives” to vote against civil rights?

A loss to hate in California will hurt us all in the long run. I’m not certain what we outside of California can do to help, other than keep spreading the word and the positive message of civil rights.

Opponents Of California Transgender Student Rights Law Get Signatures To Repeal « CBS San Francisco.

California Conservatives Fabricate Another Story About Transgender Restroom Harassment

It’s actually far beyond perplexing, it’s honestly scary that “faith-based” organizations perceive no hypocrisy in themselves for lying and going against the very commands of their religious texts. Think about it – an organization which claims to be the right arm of a supernatural force decides to create or spread imaginary stories for the purpose of subjugating and oppressing those who are different.

In this article, linked below, Christen Williams does another stellar job of debunking the latest fundamentalist Trans Toilet Terror.

The real question is why are so many throughout the rest of America just accepting or ignoring these lies when they happen? Why won’t the media investigate these claims with a simple phone call or two, instead of running as Gospel whatever some religious group asserts is the truth?

California Conservatives Fabricate Another Story About Transgender Restroom Harassment | ThinkProgress.

Gloria Steinem Apologizes; Is it Enough? Una Doesn’t Think So.

Background: Gloria Steinem was one of the pioneers of the 2nd-wave feminist movement, and unfortunately one of the most visible and important critics of transgender persons. She fully supported the vile hate-speech book The Transsexual Empire – the Making of the She-Male and it’s author, Janice Raymond. She is most notorious for her comment about transsexual women, deriding us for needing surgery, claiming we were delusional and self-mutilating, stating mockingly “If the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot?” She further mocked Renée Richards when she won her case in the New York Supreme Court, allowing her to play as a woman in the US Open, calling her a “manufactured woman.”

So now in a piece in the Advocate (linked below), Steinem, possibly finally waking up from her 1970’s haze and seeing which way the winds are blowing with 3rd-wave feminism since the late 1990’s, has decided that transgender women are OK in her book. Colour me underwhelmed – Steinem has been more and more lately trying to scramble to resolve her separatist and discriminatory views of the 1970’s with modern times, and in my opinion this is just another attempt by her to spin her legacy in a more positive light.

When she spoke out against my people in the 1970’s, she was one of the most popular and publicized celebrities of the political social movement. So her criticisms and even mockery of transgender people carried a lot of weight. Now she’s a C-grade has-been and her apology, even if sincere, certainly won’t be discussed on the nightly news – it will be echoed in a few blogs like this, and then quickly exit the stage. So paraphrasing former Secretary of Labor Ray Donovan, after having been falsely accused and acquitted, “Which office do (we) go to get (our) reputation back?”

Hey Gloria, I know I’m a nobody from nowhere, but if you want to ever gain a shred of cred among nearly 1 million transgender people you insulted, why don’t we see you out campaigning on our behalf? Why don’t we see you out at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, decrying their transgender discrimination? Why aren’t you in California backing up the recent transgender protections for K-12 students which are under attack by the religious right? Why aren’t you pushing for transgender protection in the workplace and the passage of ENDA?

Do the right thing, Gloria. Show some real penance and honor.

On Working Together Over Time.

Prop. 8 Players Join Forces to Repeal Transgender Law

Guess who’s back – the National Organization for Marriage, which of course has proven they are an anti-LGBT group, and not a group interested solely in the “sanctity” of “traditional” marriage. I recall posting that they were such and being shouted down by people who said no, they don’t have anything against gays and lesbians, they just think they don’t deserve the human right of marriage…now they’re getting involved with transgender schoolchildren. Nope, nothing wrong here!

Prop. 8 players join bid to repeal transgender law | www.ktvu.com.

HATE ALERT: Conservative Christianity and the Transgender Question

ROMANIA-ANTI-GAY-PROTESTA deceptively hateful message from Southern Baptist “Ethics and Religious Liberty President” Russell Moore. The gist of it is, if you’re trans, you are violating the direct orders of both the Old Testament and Jesus, but Conservative Christians should take pity on you and teach you the Right Way. In other words, “we should try to convince you that you’re deluded or crazy, rather than set your house on fire or murder you.” See, that’s progress…right?

The photograph above is from an anti-LGBT protest in Romania, driven by church leaders who whipped their congregations into a frenzy to go forth and fight the LGBT Satan in clouds of sulfur.

Conservative Christianity and the transgender question.

HATE ALERT – Transphobe Produces 5-Minute Video Mocking California’s New Law

HateVideoThe title says it all. If you can stand it, watch the video to see a good example of subtle hate from Dan Joseph at CNSNews. You know, it’s just “common sense, ” right? Let’s list the ways he biased the video:

  • He holds the “interviews” at George Mason University, a somewhat right-leaning campus.
  • He doesn’t show that he took a random sampling. We have no idea how many respondents were opposed to his viewpoint.
  • He coaches the second interviewee with praise for his anti-trans position.
  • He repeats portions of interviews with a man who supports his view, but not with anyone who opposes it.
  • He continually and persistently refers to a transgender girl as a man or boy continuously. Such as about 3 minutes referring to a transgender woman as a “guy.”
  • Then he has a fictional, stupid, contrived, factually incorrect, and bigoted dramatization in two parts in the video.

The average American surely isn’t so stupid they will fall for this, right? Right? Oh wait…


Will California’s Gender-Bending Bathroom Law Play on the East Coast? | CNS News.

‘SheZow’ Bends Gender, Enrages One Million Moms

SheZowI don’t know why this would surprise anyone – One Million Moms, a political vehicle of the hate group known as the American Family Association in the past has gone so far as to protest a GEICO advertisement showing Maxwell the pig in a car with an attractive woman, claiming it “promotes bestiality.”

So it’s no wonder that an animated programme with a sorta-trans character would be on their hit list. Sigh.

‘SheZow’ Bends Gender, Enrages One Million Moms | Advocate.com.