Transas City was created on June 10, 2013, to serve as a research and fact-based site to benefit transgender and transsexual persons and their families, friends, allies, and supporters. I also include transgender-related topics and events within the broad Kansas City area.

The science and history articles posted on this site have been extensively researched and vetted, and should serve as “debate closers” should you wish to link to them when you are fighting for our people. I will refrain from being a copycat and posting every single re-blogged news event about our community, and try to be selective about what I post, based upon my perception of its relative importance.

This site is entirely non-commercial, largely because I don’t want any to feel that I am using our people and our stories as a vehicle to raise money for themselves. Therefore you will not find one pop-up advertisement, adword, banner ad, or any other advertisement on this site, save for some placed for free for the benefit of the local transgender community.

I try not to self-aggrandize, so you will not find much about my personal life on this site. I am an engineering consultant, adjunct professor of engineering, freelance technical writer, contributing editor for a print magazine, Board Member of the Justice Project of Kansas City, and co-hostess of The Tenth Voice once a month on 90.1 KKFI. I am not a medical doctor nor psychologist. I am an “out and proud” transsexual woman who has been very happily married for more than 12 years.

I did not invent the term “Transas City,” and the true etymology is unknown.

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  1. caroline

    Una is providing a huge service to the trans* community. Her blogs are thoughtfully and beautifully written. I call Transas City my favorite online magazine. Transas City deserves to be read across the community and beyond. Caroline, a “TC” groupie

    1. Una Post author

      Thank you lauralee! I have so much planned for it, but I am trying to roll things in slowly and controlled to keep the appearance uncluttered and professional. And unlike most sites about transgender topics, this is not a moneymaker. I have no paid advertising or strange and annoying pop-ups and banners.

  2. lindsey.collins

    Good morning. I had the pleasure of meeting a number of women connected to the Transas City community during a KU Law course I was enrolled in this spring. Stemming from that course and that particular class, I am reaching out to you (via David Brown’s suggest) to see if you could reconnect me with one of the women that joined us for that class session. My church here in KCMO is hoping to learn more about trans equity and justice issues and we would like to welcome in speakers who are willing to share their stories and help us all learn a bit more. I look forward to hearing from you soon so that we might connect and make a plan! Thanks. Lindsey Collins

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