1977 Transgender News

Standard Disclaimer: This page is a listing and links to news items regarding transgender persons from 1977. It is ordered by date of appearance in the news, not the date of the event. Note that the text summaries are not transcripts.

February 9, 1977. Seattle Daily Times, page A11

Christina Kempf, a “self-professed transsexual,” will be testifying in the trial of Thomas L. Ragan, accused of raping and dismembering 14-year-old Bruce Kim.

June 13, 1977. Baton Rouge Advocate, page 8B

A charge of prostitution was dropped against a transsexual woman, Lucille Mar, due to a technicality in the law which says only cisgender women can be charged with prostitution. It was noted that the State Legislature was going to consider changing the law soon.

October 5, 1977. Baton Rouge State Times Advocate, page 12E

In what is likely a first in transsexual history, transsexual woman Joanna Clark has the privilege of serving in the US Navy as a man for 12 years, and for 2 years in the Army Reserve as a woman. However, despite not hiding her status as a transsexual woman, Ms. Clark was dismissed from the Army Reserve 19 months after joining.

December 2, 1977. Seattle Daily Times, page A2

Christine Jorgensen is interviewed 25 years after her story broke to the world on December 1, 1952. Christine is reported to live alone but “never lonely” in a spacious 4-bedroom house, and seems to be doing very well for herself.

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