1964 Transgender News

Standard Disclaimer: This page is a listing and links to news items regarding transgender persons from 1964. It is ordered by date of appearance in the news, not the date of the event. Note that the text summaries are not transcripts.

January 6, 1964. Omaha World Herald, page 2; Rockford Illinois Register Republic, page 2

Two articles discuss the transition of a transgender man. However, both the Omaha World Herald and the Rockford Illinois Register Republic report the case as if it was an intersex person who had later corrective surgery, as not only did the St. Louis man transition from female to male, but they reputedly became a genetic father.

May 7, 1964. Boston Record American, page 7

A professor of psychiatry at the University of Oregon Medical School reported that 76 men and 19 women had been known to have sexual reassignment surgery, with an estimated 568 attempting to have the surgery.

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