1957 Transgender News

Standard Disclaimer: This page is a listing and links to news items regarding transgender persons from 1957. It is ordered by date of appearance in the news, not the date of the event. Note that the text summaries are not transcripts.

February 17, 1957. Omaha World Herald, page 12B

A highly intriguing and small article claims that sex change surgery is in the works for a 20-year-old named Ronald George Diaz. I have not been able to find anything more on Diaz.
Ronald George Diaz

July 2, 1957. Greensboro North Caroline Record, page B-3

In an exceptional article, Dr. Walter C. Alvarez of the Mayo Clinic writes a lengthy essay on how transsexuals deserve “plenty of understanding.” He quotes liberally from Tamara Rees’ recently privately published biography, “Reborn, a Factual Life Story of Transition from Male to Female,” providing further details about Ms. Rees’ life.

August 18, 1957. Aberdeen South Dakota Daily News, page 24

For some reason which is not elaborated upon, two Italian sisters are becoming transgender men. The article notes that a cousin of theirs has already done this. The names are Italo Merone and Consiglia. Their cousin’s name is Violante.
Italo and Consiglia Merone

September 17, 1957. Boston Daily Record, page 23

Very brief mention of Charlotte McLeod is made in a summary of New York City club news: “…That attractive re-haired hatchick[sic] at the Left Bank is, hold your breath: Charlotte McLeod!…She’s the former G.I. Charlie McLeod who made like Christine Jorgensen.”

November 8, 1957. Sacramento Bee, page 2

A 21-year-old Polish woman is reported to have become a transgender man.
Polish transgender man

November 25, 1957. Boston American, page 2; Boston Daily Record, pages 3 and 52; Trenton New Jersey Evening Times, page 2

Several articles tell the story of Frank Little of Rosythe, Scotland, who has chosen to live as a woman full-time, but has not started medical transition. Instead, Little claims that they are “naturally” changing as a result of living as a woman. Little’s wife says that the two will live together as sisters to raise their children. There are three similar articles collected here. First, a two-part article from the Boston Daily Record, and then one from the Trenton Evening Times. The Boston American one, which contains the best photographs, is shown below.

Frank Little and wife

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