Why Are Americans Terrified of Transgender 6-Year-Olds?

A good opinion piece from The Advocate, but it really doesn’t tell us much that’s new. Typically there are only two fundamental arguments which people use to oppose transgender civil rights.

  • They think their religion forbids it.
  • Transpeople are icky.

My guess is that the second item is the real root cause 90% or more of the time. Always remember, the average American has an incredibly limited education and is typically a very insulated individual who has had no real experience with any cultures outside of their gated community subdivision. Because they are ignorant they are easily frightened, and will grab onto any excuse they can to deny their fear and claim they are acting to “protect” someone else – in this case, their kids from the phantom menace of fake transgender kids peeking over stalls.

Op-ed: Why Are Americans Terrified of Transgender 6-Year-Olds? | Advocate.com.

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