Una is Quoted in the Pitch Roeland Park Story, But Under the Wrong Name

Seriously, it’s a good bit of reporting, barring printing my name wrong. 🙂

The big anti-trans guns are out in force to try to prevent Roeland Park from enacting a broad anti-discrimination ordinance to protect the LGBT community who live, visit, shop, and work in the city. In the last meeting I spoke out at, opponents pulled the “invisible lawyer” defense, claiming a “lawyer” found problems with the ordinance, but refusing to supply their legal opinion nor the name of the attorney.

Next, we have an anonymous flyer, promoting transgender toilet terrorism. KSHB attempted to find the authors of the flyer, who replied with the cryptic message:

We are all Roeland Park residents that were given names at birth. As we said this group was formed for the sole purpose of notifying residents about the ordinance and encouraging them to attend the Council meeting next Monday. That goal was accomplished with the flyer. End of story.

What I found interesting is the “given names at birth” quote, which is an unusual turn of phrase.
It is somewhat shameful that I, a transsexual woman, am brave enough to speak in public and give my name – but the champions of all that is right and holy hide and scurry in the shadows.

The next big day is next Monday, where public comment will be allowed, but apparently no vote will be held. I’ll keep you all informed.

via A Roeland Park equal-rights ordinance takes a hit from a dubious hired gun | The Fast Pitch | The Pitch.

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