Turkey Transwoman Murdered by Boyfriend, Family Disrespects Their Own Daughter

Is this a surprise, or is it what we expect? I think it’s important at least once every few weeks to show how poorly transgender people are treated around the world. Not to pick on other countries, or point the finger of blame. No, we need to be aware of these events so we can see just how bad it could be here in the United States if we let down our vigilance.

While this article does not call the murder out as a “trans panic” killing, other reports I’ve seen online give conflicting reports. However, the disrespect shown to her by her own family is sobering and saddening. Washing her body in a male ceremony, refusing to acknowledge her gender, and refusing to let her own friends and community members at her funeral – and lying about her death. It’s shameful.

Turkey trans woman shot by boyfriend, family said ‘son died in car accident’ | Gay Star News.

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