This page will include links to sub-pages focusing on specific tips and tricks about transition, including:

  • How to determine if you are transgender.
  • Clothing and fashion.
  • Makeup.
  • Name and gender marker changes.
  • Preparing for transition on the job.

And other resources.


One resource which is available right now is an MP3 podcast of an interview with a local transsexual woman and her wife, talking about their successful transition, and with another local transsexual woman who found less success.
KCUR – Central Standard – 9 May, 2013 – Insight Into The Trials And Joys Of Transgender Relationships (note – 25.1MB file)

Kansas Name and Gender Marker Change Process

This page contains information on changing your name and gender in Kansas.

Missouri Name and Gender Marker Change Process

This page contains information kindly sent to me by a woman who completed this process in Missouri.

6 thoughts on “Transition

    1. Una Post author

      Turner – as far as I know, Kansas stopped doing this in 2011 by executive order of the Brownback Administration, which said they must do it in order to comply with the anti-SSM Amendment. However, you can change your gender marker on your drivers license, CCW permit, SS records, passport….basically, everything you would ever need your birth certificate for. If you need help with any of the above, I can direct you to the resources (I plan on posting some of the Kansas information shortly, but I will do it tonight instead).

  1. ElijahDane

    While I personally have benefited from the many resources on this site, I must suggest correcting some of the language used. It may seem like minor changes in the language, but language is a powerful tool in which we need to use to our benefit.

    In the beginning of this post, the use of the word “transgendered” is wrong. When you say, “how to determine if you are transgendered” you are implying that something happened to that individual that caused them to become transgender.

    From a Huffington Post article titled: Transgender or Transgendered?
    “Readers of my age and older will remember a sad time when this country labeled African-Americans as “colored people.” One problem with this label was that it implied something happened to make the person “of color,” which denied the person’s dignity of being born that way…”

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