Transgender Woman Vladimir Luxuria Arrested in Sochi for Carrying Rainbow Flag

I have to say, this article rubbed me the wrong way from the start, with a title using “transgender” as a noun (I fixed it in the title of this post).

OK, on one hand she had to know what would happen. She’s protesting gay rights in Russia, for crying out loud. Harassment may be wrong, but in Russia it just is.

The good news is, she was released within 24 hours, with no charges. According to the Italian Foreign Ministry, “she was not injured or threatened by the Russian police.” Knowing nothing else conflicting with this, we have to take them at their word

The odd reaction of the International Olympic Committee was a statement that she wasn’t even arrested. So if she wasn’t arrested, then why did Italy’s Foreign Ministry say “Our team worked for her freedom from the very first moment. She was released within 24 hours?”

Someone is covering something up, but in the meantime, Vladimir Luxuria, you keep on fighting!

Transgender Vladimir Luxuria arrested in Sochi for carrying ‘Gay is OK’ rainbow flag | Mail Online.

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