Transgender Teen Lovebirds Pose in Swimsuit Shoot

He loves she. She loves he. But both have had SRS, and as a result they can still be a hetero couple. I wonder if the purpose was to show photos of the girl, or to tell their story? I’m guessing “photos.”

Transgender teen lovebirds pose in swimsuit shoot after both having gender reassignment surgery | Mail Online.

2 thoughts on “Transgender Teen Lovebirds Pose in Swimsuit Shoot

  1. Sho

    Whatever the intention of this publication, there’s a moving 20/20 segment with these teens (might have been 7/22/13). I just heard a presentation by some of the people who worked with them and their families and I think any family with a trans child would be impressed and comforted by the affection, respect, and knowledge expressed by these professionals.

    *confidentiality issues were explicitly discussed

    1. Una Post author

      Wow, Sho, thank you for bringing that first-hand experience here to my little site! (and I’m so glad you signed up, my friend. I hope you can bring your professional expertise here from time to time!)

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