Transgender Panel at Trinity United Methodist Church in Kansas City is Warmly Welcomed

Trinity LutheranPhoto credit: Debi Jackson

This morning myself, Fiona, Madeline, and Debi talked to some of the congregation of Trinity United Methodist Church in Kansas City, Missouri, to talk about the transgender experience. We were warmly greeted by the church leaders and organizers of the event, and it was explained to us that Trinity was a reconciling church, in that they wanted to welcome the entire LGBTQIA community with acceptance and respect. And honestly, all that we felt from every person we spoke to was great acceptance and respect. The event was organized by Lindsey Collins, who very earnestly expressed the church’s desire to be a safe home for the transgender community.

Madeline_Trinity_2Madeline speaks of her career and her hopes for the future.

We lectured in the church sanctuary, and I was very happy to see three of our transgender friends in the audience (names not listed for privacy). Madeline spoke first about her life growing up and her later transition, and touched on legal aspects and transitioning as an attorney. I also spoke of my life, and brought some of the science of being transgender into the discussion. Debi spoke of the challenges of being a parent of a transgender child, and while all of our speeches were well-received, Debi’s was the most striking. Fiona assisted with the presentations and spoke to many of the congregation to answer questions one-to-one. Afterwards we broke into several tables to enjoy pizza and salad while continuing to answer questions and chat with the congregation.

DebiTrinityDebi engages the audience with her hopes for her transgender child.

Trinity United Methodist Church is located at 620 E. Armour Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64109. There is parking in the lot (that looks like an apartment building lot) just east of the church. Their Sunday worship service begins at 9:45 am and ends around 11am. They invite anyone and their families to come worship with them to see if the church has the right spirit for them, and they strive to be LGBTQIA-welcoming and enthusiastic.

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