Transgender Oregon Mayor Stu Rasmussen Auctions off Shoes for Charity

I’m torn about this article…it’s not a bad little piece, and it treats her honor the mayor respectively, but you have to deal with about a score of misgenderings in both the written article and the video clip (which is worth seeing). However, according to the mayor’s Facebook About page,

“Stu never sought this recognition out,” said JustOut reporter Stephen Marc Beaudoin. “He’s interested in doing a great job for the community that he loves. The gender identity thing is just a total backseat thing.”

That comes across when Rasmussen speaks in his decidedly masculine voice.

“I am a dude,” he said. “I am a heterosexual male who appears to be a female.”

His longtime live-in girlfriend, Victoria Sage, told The Oregonian newspaper that she and Rasmussen have been an item for almost 35 years.

So don’t get too concerned about the use of “him” in the article.
Transgender Oregon Mayor Stu Rasmussen auctions off shoes for charity.

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