Transgender Artist Arrested After Baring Breasts on Plane


Making the news in a bad way…two transgender artists were arrested on a WestJet flight from Edmonton, Canada, on June 20, while heading for a friend’s wedding. From here the story becomes complicated.

Virago added that Sanfino allegedly bared her breasts while Arsenault filmed her for an art project on the relationship between trans bodies and public spaces.

“They were trying to create a piece on the demystification of trans women’s bodies in a public space,” Virago told Xtra.

The Toronto Star, however, reports a different story. The Canadian newspaper writes, “the incident was provoked by questions from the flight attendant, which they deemed inappropriate.”

“She came over and said, ’You guys have to teach us how to do our makeup,’” Arsenault, 39, told the Star. “And then they were like, ’You know, because you used to be guys, right?’”

Sanfino then allegedly took her top off and “walked down the aisle with quite a bit of grace and flamboyance and had her arms out,” Arsenault continued. “And then the flight attendants came and covered her up, saying ’Think about the children!’”

Because God forbid children should ever see breasts…
Transgender Artist Arrested After Baring Breasts on Plane :: EDGE San Francisco.

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