Topical Follow-Up: High School Students Wear Skirts to Honor Transgender Teen Set on Fire

SashaSkirtA wonderful show of support for Sasha Fleischman from their fellow high school students – they set up a day to give them support by wearing skirts – boys and girls. Kudos to the school administrators for backing this, as sometimes they seem to be really stuck-in-the-mud “zero tolerance” with dress codes.

There is a video with sound at this link, which will automatically play. It’s worth a quick watch.

Note I’m using the gender-neutral “their” as Sasha prefers to be called “Agender.” Editorially speaking, being agender is still part of the transgender “umbrella.”

High School Students Wear Skirts to Honor “Agender” Teen, Sasha Fleischman, Burned on Bus | NBC Bay Area.

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