The Lesser-known Transgender Actress of Transparent – Ms. Alexandra Billings

Alexandra Billings

Most of you have noticed, dear readers, that the Amazon series Transparent and news about the lead actor, Jeffrey Tambor, have been inundating the blogosphere, Facebook, and for all I know Anasazi pueblo artwork. A couple of you have asked me “hey Una, why no mention of Transparent on Transas City?” and the reason is that in some cases, I don’t feel the need to just repeat what others are already reporting upon and saying. I try to focus on lesser-known stories, or else major stories which impact me in some way such that I wish to add editorial content.

In this posting, I would like to highlight an interview which the much lesser-known actress Alexandra Billings, who co-stars with Tambor in the aforementioned Amazon series. I think there is some irony that in a story about a transgender character not only is the lead a cisgender man, but the other transgender actresses and actors receive second billing in the new coverage. But let’s not get into that, because I don’t want a repeat of Letogate here. So please, take a little time to read this interview with one of our own, who is I feel destined for a much bigger career in the future!

Alexandra Billings, transgender actor: ‘Transparent came up when I had nothing to lose’ | Television & radio | The Guardian.

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