The Growing Importance of Trans Remembrance

In this editorial Dana Beyer talks about how Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) has rapidly gained popularity and acceptance across the nation. For example – would you have imagined, on this 15th TDOR, that the Secretary of State would make a statement supporting transgender persons?

Our TDOR event in Kansas City was larger this year than last, despite bitterly cold weather, and was very well-done, featuring live music from local musicians and a several well-done speeches. When I went to my first TDOR last year, I had barely dipped my toes in the community. I was only in transition for 4 months and only knew a few other transpersons. Even though I knew I was part of this new and vibrant community, I still felt like an outsider.

This time I knew half the crowd there, and knew the stories of many of the women – their triumphs and tragedies. I felt safe and like I belonged, like there was a connection, a thin net of silver cords connecting me to every person at the gathering, and it was a wonderful and sad feeling at the same time.

The Growing Importance of Trans Remembrance | Dana Beyer.

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