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Utah Lawmaker Succumbs to Transsexual Toilet Terror; Can the Children Be Saved???

Utah, a state which is not really known for its LGBT acceptance, has numerous schemes to attempt to “double down” on its intolerance. An intolerance which is quite hypocritical, given that a large segment of the population of the other 49 states views Utah as being subjected to a mysterious state cult, featuring a Native American Jesus and magic underwear.

In this case Republican State Representative Mike Kennedy has introduced a bill to force students to only participate in sports and use toilets congruent with the gender marker on their birth certificates. The bill even includes provisions for forcing a child who wishes to participate in sports or use the proper toilet, and who does not have a gender marker on their birth certificate, to endure a physical examination of their genitals.

Uh huh.

Thankfully, it’s possible that the bill will be paused, pending the decision on the invalidation of the state’s anti-SSM amendment.

Utah lawmaker introduces bill to define students’ gender for restroom use – LGBTQ Nation.

Maine’s Highest Court Rules: Transgender Girl Can Use the Girls’ Toilets

Nicole_Maines_from_API first reported that this case was going to court back last June, and a victorious ruling has been handed down!

Nicole Maines and the Maine Human Rights Commission sued her school district when they refused to allow Nicole to use the girls’ toilets, instead forcing her to use a teachers’ toilets instead. The court found in her favor, and according to the article it is the first time in the United States that a state supreme court has ruled in favor of a transgender person on a toilet issue.

Great news!

Maine court rules in favor of transgender pupil – ABC5 News Des Moines, IA.

Zimbabwe: use the correct toilet, get ‘arrested’ by youth activists and sent to jail.

Ricky NathansonThere’s bit of recreational outrage here in this story from the happy little country of Zimbabwe. Apparently a separatist socialist political party called ZANU PF, most notably known for setting people on fire and torturing them with burning plastic, metal whips, and cricket bats, has apparently decided that LGBT persons threaten the moral fabric of African society. The reason for this is simple – their fanatical devotion to Robert Mugabe, who holds a hardline stance against LGBT persons. As a result, they have as of last year started harassing the marginalized gender and sexual minorities of the country.

In this case a transgender activist, Ricky Natahanson, was in a Bulawayo city hotel when she went to use the toilet. She was spotted and held against her will by a youth leader of the ZANU-PF. According to news reports he not only physically and sexually assaulted her (groping her breasts and genitals), but swore out a complaint to the police.

Ms. Nathanson spent the night in jail before being released in the morning, but later she was forced to flee her home after threats from ZANU-PF members, who were upset at her story making it into international media.

Just a reminder…any time you think people whispering about you at the Olive Garden is the end of the world…consider your sisters and brothers across the world.

ZANU PF youth leader ‘arrests’ transgender activist | SW Radio Africa.

AB 1266 Update Election Officials Must Validate Every Referendum Signature

This news is a little late, but I wanted to verify some things, as I’d seen a few different versions of the story in the press. In short, the religious conservative-based effort to overturn California Assembly Bill 1266, which would legalize at a state level the right of students to use bathroom and locker facilities concordant with their gender, has passed a milestone. It did not have enough signatures to pass, but it did come within 5%, which means there is now a mandatory recount of every signature, and there will be court battles in many critical counties as a result.

The losers in this are the transgender kids in California, but also all transgender persons in the United States. If this ballot initiative passes, then it will be a referendum to repeal AB 1266 this year, and the deep pockets of religious conservatives will open wide to put lurid and disgusting propaganda about transgender persons into every form of media in California.

This fight is important, and the outcome by no means certain either way.

AB 1266: Election officials must validate every referendum signature.

The Face of Intolerance: Transgender Students Should be Castrated Before They Can Use the Proper Toilets

Katherine_SvensonThe title summarizes it well, but let me quote from the original article.

During the board’s October meeting, Katherine Svenson sounded the alarm over Massachusetts and California’s recently adapted policies that protect students who identify as a different gender than their biological one. “I just want to emphasize,” she said. “Not in this district. Not until the plumbing’s changed. There would have to be castration in order to pass something like that around here.”

I mean, just wow. People like her see us as less than human, dictating we be essentially neutered. Do you think she would stand for a minute if the tables were turned? And people elected her.

It was noted as well that she made NO comment whatsoever on whether transboys who would use the boy’s toilets would need a hysterectomy…and why should she? She’s another victim of Trans Toilet Terror, which all comes down to the “almighty” penis.

School Board Member: District Won’t Recognize Transgender Students Unless They’re Castrated | ThinkProgress.

California Conservatives Fabricate Another Story About Transgender Restroom Harassment

It’s actually far beyond perplexing, it’s honestly scary that “faith-based” organizations perceive no hypocrisy in themselves for lying and going against the very commands of their religious texts. Think about it – an organization which claims to be the right arm of a supernatural force decides to create or spread imaginary stories for the purpose of subjugating and oppressing those who are different.

In this article, linked below, Christen Williams does another stellar job of debunking the latest fundamentalist Trans Toilet Terror.

The real question is why are so many throughout the rest of America just accepting or ignoring these lies when they happen? Why won’t the media investigate these claims with a simple phone call or two, instead of running as Gospel whatever some religious group asserts is the truth?

California Conservatives Fabricate Another Story About Transgender Restroom Harassment | ThinkProgress.

Iowa – Emerging Battleground for Transgender Rights

This is a lengthy and well-written article about the latest battles over Trans Toilet Terror in Iowa, as a minority of persons attempt to prevent transgender women from using the bathroom in accordance with their gender expression. The primary arguments concern the interpretations of the Iowa Civil Rights Act, with some transwomen winning in court, others losing. Recall if you will that this is a state which recently crowned a transgender homecoming queen at UNI, so awareness is certainly growing among Iowans.

There are a few case histories of discrimination on and linked to the page which could be worth reading. As always on newspaper websites, don’t read the comments unless you’re a glutton for punishment.

Transgender rights: Restroom battles emerge | The Des Moines Register | desmoinesregister.com.

ACLU Files Federal Complaint for Transgender Student Denied Bathroom Access

Wilson_AlexDo people still not get it, even in 2013? The university simply is not going to win, they’re going to lose money and time and public relations cred, and for what? So they can torment this poor woman who simply wants to be able to go to the proper toilet? Words fail tonight.

There is a short video segment at the link below.

ACLU files federal complaint on behalf of transgender PTEC student denied bathroom access | wtsp.com.

HATE ALERT – Transphobe Produces 5-Minute Video Mocking California’s New Law

HateVideoThe title says it all. If you can stand it, watch the video to see a good example of subtle hate from Dan Joseph at CNSNews. You know, it’s just “common sense, ” right? Let’s list the ways he biased the video:

  • He holds the “interviews” at George Mason University, a somewhat right-leaning campus.
  • He doesn’t show that he took a random sampling. We have no idea how many respondents were opposed to his viewpoint.
  • He coaches the second interviewee with praise for his anti-trans position.
  • He repeats portions of interviews with a man who supports his view, but not with anyone who opposes it.
  • He continually and persistently refers to a transgender girl as a man or boy continuously. Such as about 3 minutes referring to a transgender woman as a “guy.”
  • Then he has a fictional, stupid, contrived, factually incorrect, and bigoted dramatization in two parts in the video.

The average American surely isn’t so stupid they will fall for this, right? Right? Oh wait…


Will California’s Gender-Bending Bathroom Law Play on the East Coast? | CNS News.

Republican Lawmaker Pulls Son From Class Over New Transgender Law

Breaking news! I’ve been crying and praying non-stop for this poor, poor man and his victimized family! To think that in this day and age, his 13 and 16 year-old sons might have to sit in a stall next to a transgender person…Jesus is rolling over in his grave! When one of those transgenders even enters the hallowed doors of a high school, it’s like they’ve personally raped every single boy, girl, and teacher in the school! I hear their school mascot even BURST INTO FLAMES over this crime against nature!

Oh wait, no. Good job, Tim Donnelly, you’re a bigoted creep, and apparently you taught your sons to carry on in your name. Have fun being left behind…

Republican Lawmaker Pulls Son From Class Over New Transgender Law « CBS Los Angeles.

Media Watch – Another Subtly Slanted Anti-Trans EditorialJ. Saunders – Page 1

I have to give a slow clap to Debra J. Saunders, for writing a masterpiece of propaganda. She manages to skirt just on the edge of outright hate and disgust towards us, while taking the “just askin’ questions” tack, as well as the “can this be good for the children?” trope.

I have no idea who she is. Remember, I write for a newspaper too, and I know that often times someone who shouldn’t be writing anything more controversial than recipe cards is given a page to fill with, well, whatever. Debra is either a truly concerned person who can’t even be bothered to hit Wikipedia for research, let alone talk to an actual transgender case worker, researcher, or (gasp!) person – or she’s crafted a very well-done anti-trans political piece.

Gender Identity Bill Carries Risk of Personal Pain – Debra J. Saunders – Page 1.

Christian Pastors Protest Giving Human Rights to Transgender People in an Ordinance


I wish I could say I was surprised…but it’s almost routine. Each day the rhetoric of hate spewed from people like this becomes almost a din of background noise. Thankfully, they’re losing, and they know it too.

Pastors argue against ‘transgender’ on human rights ordinance | News – Home.

Settlement Reached in Transgender Bathroom Case

Finally! It’s so rare when a transperson wins a discrimination case against law enforcement, in part because juries are cowed into assuming that everything the police say is the gospel truth. In this case, Iowa woman Jodie Jones wins money and gets an agreement that the sheriff’s department will receive training on how to deal with transpeople.

Settlement reached in transgender bathroom case | The Des Moines Register | desmoinesregister.com.