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January 2017 Trans Talk on 90.1 KKFI

Hello everyone! We have two themes to our program this week. First we are going to re-open the subject of transgender prisoners, focusing on what happens afterwards and how society has placed many barriers on success for transgender persons who have served their time and are fighting to live their lives in America. We will be talking with JoAnna Ramsey, a guest we interviewed last October, to check up on her and find out how she has been doing getting her life in order. Also with us is April, a transgender woman and activist who is also trying to get a fresh start after a history of legal difficulties. In our second half we will interview Ari Copeland, a transgender man who is a senior water scientist at a global engineering firm, to talk about his life and to discuss along with Una the perils and joys of crossing the gender barrier in the corporate engineering world.

As usual, we will share with you the transgender news and the community calendar update. We do hope you will be able to join us this Saturday, January 28 at 1:00 pm on 90.1 FM KKFI, Kansas City Community Radio! You can also stream the program live on kkfi.org.

October 2016 Trans Talk on 90.1 KKFI

Hello everyone! We are devoting the entire show this month to a special guest and those who are supporting her. JoAnna Ramsey is a transgender woman who experienced a harrowing time incarcerated in Kansas within the male prison population, and she will be speaking with us about herself, what she went through in prison, and her transgender activism behind the wall. Also with us will be Caroline Gibbs, founder of the Transgender Institute of Kansas City, who will discuss how the Institute worked to help JoAnna, as well as plans for a future outreach project for transgender prisoners. JoAnna is also joined by her friend Tyga McHenry, who will talk with us about JoAnna’s experience.

As usual, we will share with you the transgender news and the community calendar update. We do hope you will be able to join us this Saturday, October 22 at 1:00 pm on 90.1 FM KKFI, Kansas City Community Radio! You can also stream the program live on kkfi.org.

Chelsea Manning Could Get Transfer to Civilian Prison

In what I feel is somewhat surprising news, it appears that the Pentagon may be negotiating to transfer Chelsea Manning to a civilian prison in order to allow her to receive hormone therapy and other transgender consideration and treatment.

Manning is a very controversial figure even in my community – many transgender people I know will proclaim in public that they support her, but in private they will do a facepalm and exclaim “we really don’t need this kind of publicity.” Personally, I admit to being torn. Obviously she should have treatment, but I also very much wish she would sort of vanish from the news so the word “transgender” would stop being associated with “leaker,” “traitor,” or “criminal.”

Transgender Leaker Chelsea Manning Could Get Transfer to Civilian Prison – ABC News.

Trans Comic Moved from Men’s Facility to Women’s Prison – Plus, an Una Rant

A little background here: transgender stand-up comic Avery Edison recently decided to fly to Canada to visit her partner and to speak to lawyers about her immigration visa. The problem is, she illegally overstayed her visa the last time she was in the country, which means by the letter of the law she’s a criminal. Now hold on, I’m not debating immigration law, and I’m not playing “blame the victim.” I’m merely emphasizing this because many are confused about why she is actually in prison, including some in the blogosphere who claimed such reasons as having an ID which did not match her gender, being on a terror watch list, or for being abusive to the immigration staff. No, this was a very simple matter of visa problems, which unfortunately means unless you clear things up before you get on a plane and arrive in your destination country, your freedom is at risk.

She was allowed to tweet and post and mail and phone the entire time she was held at the airport, for more than 8 hours according to most reports, which is actually showing some consideration to her. However, she reports that she was consistently, persistently, and insistently misgendered by everyone she met. Something which I have no trouble believing at all.

The good news is that she was, after a massive online protest, moved to a women’s facility after a short stay in a men’s facility. And in more good news, nothing really bad happened to her at the men’s facility, as the staff apparently separated her from the general population.

So from here on out she has some legal hurdles to clear, but at least she’s not in clear and present danger of being gang-raped or physically abused. This whole episode emphasizes quite clearly the problems that pre-op and non-op transgender people still face – for quite a long time, when push comes to shove in the legal system, most facilities are going to let your genitals lead the way. It’s not right, but it’s the way it is.

What I wanted to highlight with this article, which was actually not bad (it genders her properly throughout, and appears respectful and dispassionate) are the comments on the bottom of the article. Newspaper, news, and blog comments sections appear to me to be the place where some of the absolute most vile segments of humanity gather, to either type out or have their helper monkeys type out the filth which has been strewn through their minds as if from an incontinent hippopotamus. I want to highlight some of the comments to stand as a weekly reminder of just how hated we are by some people who posted.

Oh, and I have some comments of my own, of course…


I have to get this off my chest:

There was a Monty Python skit where a pet store clerk (Michael Palin) tried to sell his overstock of terriers to a customer (John Cleese) who wanted to purchase a goldfish.
The clerk offered to take a terrier, “lop off its legs, shave its fur, hot-glue some fins to its back, paint it orange, cut a trachea tube in the back of its neck, stick in a snorkel…voila, you have a goldfish!”
Whereupon the customer essentially remarked that it wouldn’t really be a goldfish…it would just be a terrier that was horribly disfigured in order to look like a goldish.

So whenever I read a story about a “transgenedered-whatever-they-prefer-to-be-called-these-days” referred to as a “he” or “she”…
…i’m reminded of that “goldfish”.

And I wonder why I’M the one criticized for seeing that it’s just a horribly mutilated terrier.

Una: First off, 1980 called, it wants its joke back. Second off, if you actually had a brain, I would explain to you how utterly jaw-droppingly ignorant you are. When I read of folks who make lengthy Monty Python references to back up ignorance, prejudice, and fear, what comes to mind unbidden is a picture of a middle-aged loser playing video games, Cheetos-stained fingers stabbing furiously at the controls, whilst wearing a shirt which proclaims “Genius at Work.” Education, young man, get it.


It’s a simple test, Just check the chromosomes and see if they are xx or xy. Then label them accordingly. Regardless of if they have the equipment anymore, they are genetically a man or a woman. They can’t operate that away.

(later, when informed about basic genetics and intersex persons)

As you state, they are abnormalities and not normal, freaks of nature. Unless you are trying to argue that there is more than two sexes.

Una: Hmmm…you obviously either slept through basic biology, did so many drugs that “school” is in some sort of haze where you “think you did shit and stuff,” – or…wait a minute! Perhaps you are actually the greatest secret geneticist of all time! You, working alone in your mom’s basement, somehow discovered that all those Nobel laureates, researchers, medical staff, and molecular biologists across the world are WRONG, and this post of yours was your stealth way of telling the internet about your discoveries! You’re like the freaking Batman of DNA! Well played, sir! You can trust in me to keep your identity safe…


“goldfish” will soon be outlawed as hate speech.

So if you go out and find yourself brawling with a trans-“it”, whatever you do, DON’T call it a goldfish while you’re punching/kicking/hurting it’s feelings….

Una: Another internet e-Tiger. Hey Neo, real life is just like anime, right?


Contrary to popular belief, there’s no such thing as a transgendered woman, just a mutllated man.

Una: A swing and a miss…let’s try “There’s no such thing as a smart troll.” Oh FTR, can you point me to which language contains the word “mutllated?” I’m guessing you either misspelled “mullet-laden,” referring to your skull, or maybe “mutt layer,” referring to something I don’t even want to discuss, OMG.


The funny thing is that if she still has her male equipment, she most likely will use it with her new fellow inmates. Or did that escape the authorities. Or maybe not if her sentence is short, but over time with a long sentence, even hetero prisoners cross over, easily.

Can you imagine if he impregnates an inmate. The lawsuits coming. Was it rape, consensual, it’s a mess.

Una: OMG! And just THINK if your father had fallen in love with a transwoman instead! The ENTIRE INTERNET, nay, the ENTIRE WORLD would have been DEPRIVED of your TOLERANCE, WIT, and WISDOM! That possibility has me shaking right down to my 4-inch heels.


Cutting his schlong off does not make a man a woman, any more than cutting the legs off a dog makes it a fish.

Una: Giving a loser a keyboard does not intelligence create.


I have sympathy for those whose anatomy does not match their chromosomes, however, I have no sympathy for those who simply assert what their gender is regardless what their chromosomes clearly show.

Una: I have sympathy for the ignorant who recognize they are such. I have no sympathy for the ignorant who are as proud of waving it around like a chimpanzee at the zoo with his new-found erection.



Una: Underpants!


I’m not clear. Is this thing a man surgically mimicking a woman, or a woman surgically mimicking a man?

Una: She’s really a Vulcan masquerading as a Romulan who is masquerading as a human. The whole “trans” thing is part of the evil plot between Obama, the Trilateral Commission, and that guy from Dexy’s Midnight Runners…hey, at least it makes more sense than what *you* wrote…


It’s an it.

Una: Says the person too terrified to post under their own name.

Danny Herron Jr.:

I would think a mental hospital would be more appropriate. The dude thinks he’s a chick.

Una: You’re correct. If you believe she is a “dude” who believes she’s a “chick,” to use your vernacular, then you probably do belong in a mental hospital.

I’ll send a fruit basket, kiss kiss.

Transgender Comic Moved from Men’s Facility to Women’s Prison.

Paris Lees: From Prison to Transgender Role Model

In the United Kingdom (where I was recently vacationing; I’m on my way back right now) Paris Lees is a big name, raising transgender awareness on many fronts. From the article:

  • Paris presented a collection of films about transgender people for Channel 4, becoming the channel’s first transgender presenter
  • She presented The Hate Debate, a show about prejudices for Radio 1, becoming that station’s first transgender presenter
  • Paris was the first transgender woman to appear on the cover of DIVA, a magazine for lesbian and bisexual women
  • She became the first transgender judge for the Independent on Sunday’s annual Pink List in 2011 and returned to the judging panel the following year
  • She has previously worked with the Gender Trust and Trans Media Watch, and currently works with All About Trans
  • She challenged Jonathan Ross over a transgender joke he made – and charmed him into giving a video interview

BBC News – Paris Lees: From prison to transgender role model.

New Zealand to Allow Transgender Prisoners Transfer of Jail Fit for Their Preferred Gender

New Zealand has recently been looking more and more like a great place to live. Not only is it an incredibly scenic place (being the set for the Lord of the Rings and many other films), but they recently passed a same-sex marriage law and other major anti-discrimination laws helping transgender persons.

Here they are taking action even though there are only 9 transgender prisoners in their prison system.  Note that this new policy doesn’t care if you are pre-op, non-op, or post-op.

New Zealand to Allow Transgender Prisoners Transfer of Jail Fit for Their Preferred Sex, Not on Birth Gender (VIDEOS) – International Business Times.

America’s Prisons Fail Transgender Inmates

There are many good points made in this column, but I confess I absolutely do not have a good answer for my transgender sisters and brothers who ask “how come a felon gets their SRS paid for, but I have to work 3 part-time jobs and save every penny, or worse, go without?” I think some are so gung-ho to protect trans prisoners that they forget about “everyone else.”

America’s prisons fail transgender inmates – Salon.com.