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Subtle Transgender Digs 101 – NY Daily News Reporting on Heiress Diane Wells

This article is posted here as an object lesson on how subtle digs can be used to marginalize transgender persons. This article essentially is about an agoraphobic recluse heiress who won’t leave her apartment. In New York terms, the story is practically cliché. But because she’s transgender, suddenly this is big news. In fact, by my count, the web page uses the words “transsexual” or “transgender” at least 5 times. In case you didn’t get it the first 4 times…

EXCLUSIVE: El Dorado apartments get green light to evict transgender heiress Diane Wells – NY Daily News.

Pride Week 2013: Transgender NYers Fight Discrimination In The Workplace

At least New York has a workplace anti-discrimination law for the benefit of transpeople. The abuses reported in the story come down to manager-level abuses. Bad, but at least the transpeople have a basis for protection, unlike in Kansas and Missouri.

Pride Week 2013: Transgender NYers Fight Discrimination In The Workplace – NY1.

New York: Transgender Candidate Could Become a First in NYC

NEW YORK: Transgender candidate could become a first in NYC | National | The Island Packet.

From the article:

“Mel Wymore is a typical city council candidate in many ways, campaigning as a community board appointee, ex-PTA chair and founder of a roster of local organizations. But Wymore’s community-leader resume has an unusual feature: He built much of it while he was a woman.

If he wins, Wymore would be the first openly transgender person elected to public office in the nation’s biggest city and one of only a handful ever in the U.S., though his campaign is neither emphasizing his personal story nor sidestepping it.”

From what I read, I applaud their courage, but disagree with their politics. C’est la vie.