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“We Are Princesses In A Land Of Machos”

Photographer Nicola Ókin Frioli spent months traveling across Mexico documenting the Muxes, individuals who identify as neither men nor women but instead embody a third category of mixed gender. A society which brings to mind the more well-known hijra, they form a unique culture in a country where there is normally a powerful divide between men and women, and where transgressors in either direction are subjected to frightful discrimination and abuse.

The Muxes therefore formed their society in Juchitan and on the surrounding Tehuantepec Isthmus, and have become to some extent respected and valued members of society.

There is a short interview with the photographer, and a slideshow of 16 photos available at the link below.

Nicola ├ôkin Frioli Documents Muxes In ‘We Are Princesses In A Land Of Machos’ (PHOTOS).

Mexican Transgender Women Deported to Life of Peril

Undocumented Immigrants: Faces Of The DisplacedRegardless of what you feel about the necessity of illegal immigration to escape violence, the story of Deborah Alvarez is heartbreaking. I knew Mexico was essentially a hellhole if you’re transgender, but I don’t think that is just because it’s Mexico – most of Central and northern South America is highly unfriendly to LGBT persons. Even Brazil, which has a very large population of travesti women, is a very violent place to be a transgender woman.

Mexican Transgender Women Deported to Life of Peril.