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Taiwanese Legislators Struggle with an Unusual Transgender Marriage Case


I have to say, this is an unusual situation – we begin the story with two persons originally of male gender. One of them transitions to female gender, and they apply for marriage – and the marriage is granted. Then the other half of the couple transitions to female, and now we have two transwomen who are married – until the government steps in, and decides that *now* they can no longer be married. Good grief, they’re the same people who loved each other – let them have their marriage!

DPP and MOI clash over transgender marriage – The China Post.

‘I will not be ruled by fear,’ Transgender Woman Says


A touching short article about love and bravery as a transsexual woman.
I like this quote from the article:

“Since then we have both come to an understanding that unless we are visible, unless people see us, we will never change people’s attitudes,” she said. “Unless they see us walking down the street holding hands, we will never have the opportunity to become just a part of our community.”

I had a similar experience with my wife, when we were out walking one day in the Country Club Plaza. She reached out to take my hand, and I dropped it quickly when I thought I saw people staring disapprovingly. She asked me why I dropped her hand, and I told her. And she grabbed my hand back up again, and said “You are my WIFE, and I am PROUD to be with you, and everyone else can go to hell!”

And so now I don’t ever drop her hand.

‘I will not be ruled by fear,’ transgender woman says | Livingston Daily | livingstondaily.com.

Warren J. Blumenfeld: Revolution vs. Reform: Moving Beyond the Assimilationist ‘4 Ms’ of the LGB Movement

This is a lengthy but interesting essay on the 4 M’s of the LGB movement, and with a prominent note about how transgender people are being excluded from the LGB movement.

The 4 M’s are:

  1. Marriage Equality.
  2. Military Inclusion.
  3. Media Visibility.
  4. Making Money.

Warren J. Blumenfeld: Revolution vs. Reform: Moving Beyond the Assimilationist ‘4 Ms’ of the LGB Movement.