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International Travel While Trans – Another Example of How Bad it Can Be

We have seen many times over the years how transgender travelers who do not go through due diligence prior to international travel can sometimes end up in hot water. Or worse.

This story is one example of what can happen, and how bad it can be. In actuality Eliana’s story could have been much worse – she could have been deported to her hostile home country, or she could have been imprisoned or committed to a mental facility indefinitely. However, what’s happened to her – becoming a stateless refugee – is arguably not a serious improvement.

Moreover, this article really emphasizes to us that traveling without having your gender marker changed on your passport is rolling the dice on whether you have a safe and happy trip – or not.

Transgender woman’s nightmare in Hong Kong – CNN.com.

From Hong Kong: Make-up Workshops Bring out Transgender Beauty

Hong_Kong_Beauty_WorkshopI like this article because it highlights something which would have been unthinkable not too long ago in China. I think what Ms. Wong is doing for these women is wonderful, and akin to the sort of thing which the Transgender Institute has organized.

Make-up workshops in Tuen Mun seek to bring out transgender beauty | South China Morning Post.