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Transgender at 6: For Tyler and His Parents, No Second Thoughts

Thanks to Prof. Kerewsky for pointing me to this article. This part is inspirational.

At 6, Tyler is on the younger side of the transgender community. But that’s not because he is unusual. Most transgender adults say they knew from a very young age that they felt miscast in their bodies. And doctors agree that gender identity usually manifests between 3 and 6 years of age.

What’s different is that Tyler’s parents — both schoolteachers and coaches — decided to listen to their child. They ignored the family members who expressed shock and disbelief. They ignored the teasing from a neighborhood bully. They ignored the gossip among some co-workers.

Instead, Jean and Stephen let Tyler pick his name, his clothes and his toys. Instantly a happier, healthier child emerged from the surly preschooler who was always fighting over dresses and leotards and the word “she.”

Transgender at 6: For Tyler and his parents, no second thoughts – The Washington Post.

Christian Pastors Protest Giving Human Rights to Transgender People in an Ordinance


I wish I could say I was surprised…but it’s almost routine. Each day the rhetoric of hate spewed from people like this becomes almost a din of background noise. Thankfully, they’re losing, and they know it too.

Pastors argue against ‘transgender’ on human rights ordinance | News – Home.

California Government Grows With The Gender Identity Agenda

A rather stupid editorial piece, which essentially claims the fight for transgender rights in California is nothing more than a plot to send money to lawyers and the government for when God-fearing white-bread America dares to stand up to the Trans Menace.

Really, now.

California Government Grows With The Gender Identity Agenda – Austin Hill – Page 1.

‘Ray Donovan’ Continues Trans Disrespect

I’m growing weary of reading about Showtime airing programs which go out of their way to poke fun at transpeople. From the article, we have a couple of good examples.

The agent refers to the unseen trans character as a “tranny” in his description of the problem and says a number of other offensive lines in the ensuing scenes, including “the guy had an Adam’s apple the size of my fist.”

Ray decides to switch the dead athlete out for Tommy and leak it to the press so the story becomes about Tommy waking up with the dead woman instead. In the show’s reality, it’s apparently better to be found with an overdosed corpse than with a transgender woman.

In fact, Showtime’s rating in GLAAD’s 2012 Network Responsibility Index, which rates the networks for their LGBT inclusion, had to be reduced from “excellent” to “good” because of defamatory trans content in the prior TV season. House of Lies showed a character being repeatedly teased and harassed for having gone on a date with a “tranny,” while on Californication a character reacted with extreme revulsion to discovering the sex worker he was hooking up with was transgender. He was subsequently mocked by friends as well.


Overshadowed by the LGB, the T is Fighting for Acceptance

This is…sadly, going to be a source of friction within the community. The debate continues every day, with the LGB community asking themselves “why are we hanging out with these freaks?” and the T community asking themselves “we are dealing with more serious issues, medical ones, which can’t be hidden…why aren’t we standing on our own?”

Every reader will have their own answer. My answer is that there is so much overlap between the two communities, that we need to stick together. The politics and realities of gender and sex are too closely intertwined to be easily separated, and justice for one is justice for all. In short, the old quote “we must hang together, or we shall surely hang separately” applies.

Overshadowed by gay and lesbian compatriots, the transgender community is fighting for acceptance – Las Vegas Sun News.

‘I will not be ruled by fear,’ Transgender Woman Says


A touching short article about love and bravery as a transsexual woman.
I like this quote from the article:

“Since then we have both come to an understanding that unless we are visible, unless people see us, we will never change people’s attitudes,” she said. “Unless they see us walking down the street holding hands, we will never have the opportunity to become just a part of our community.”

I had a similar experience with my wife, when we were out walking one day in the Country Club Plaza. She reached out to take my hand, and I dropped it quickly when I thought I saw people staring disapprovingly. She asked me why I dropped her hand, and I told her. And she grabbed my hand back up again, and said “You are my WIFE, and I am PROUD to be with you, and everyone else can go to hell!”

And so now I don’t ever drop her hand.

‘I will not be ruled by fear,’ transgender woman says | Livingston Daily | livingstondaily.com.

Airport Apologizes to Transwoman after Harassment Complaint

From the article:

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority has issued an apology to a well-known member of Toronto’s transgendered community after she complained that she was ridiculed by staff at Pearson International airport.

Enza Anderson, who once ran for mayor against Mel Lastman, told reporters back in May that as she came through the Canada Customs hall at Terminal 3 on April 28, an airport greeter pointed at her and audibly exclaimed to a colleague that she was really a man.

“As soon as I walked in the room one of these greeters started to motion to one of her colleagues and said ‘that’s a guy,’” Anderson told cp24.com Thursday. “From there on it just created a very uncomfortable situation. They were all staring and gawking.”

Airport apologizes to Enza after harassment complaint | CP24.com.