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Shifts in Attitude Kill Off Suburban Gay Bars


We’ve seen this happening in the Kansas City metropolitan area as well – the death of the gay bar. It has good and bad points, obviously. The only positive spin on this is that the bars are dying because more and more lesbian and gay couples can go to “straight” places and be comfortable. The bad news is that for crossdressers and transgender people, especially those who have difficulty “passing,” straight bars really aren’t safe for us yet. There will be the Looks, the Stares, the Giggles, the Comments, and, worst of all, the Confrontations.

This is why it behooves we transgender people to go out in groups, to organize “girl’s night out” events, and to establish a presence at a place to hang out or dance. The Fox used to be one of the best places for such, but with its closure many in the community no longer have a place to go. Other clubs have steep cover charges or are in downtown KC, some are too loud and too dicey, and some accept crossdressers and transgender persons only grudgingly.

What is needed is for people to establish a “beachhead” at a nice club, so club and its patrons get used to the fact that a group of transgender persons is going to be there, behaving well and buying drinks. I am trying to do this right now Saturday nights at Touché at 105th and Metcalf, but so far there are only three of us who show up each week.
Shifts in attitude kill off suburban gay bars.