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UPDATED – Open House at the Transgender Institute, Sunday, August 10!


I was asked by the wonderful Caroline Gibbs today to announce that there will be an Open House at the Transgender Institute this Sunday, August 10, from 4 – 7pm. And in typical Transgender Institute style, it’s going to be a lavish affair to which all are welcome to attend!

The activities which are planned include:

  • Wardrobe advice and a fashion show.
  • Information about a new clothing store focusing on transgender women.
  • Makeup artists and consultants.
  • Hair, brows, electrolysis, and laser information.
  • Weight loss information.
  • Food, drink, and good times!

But on top of all this, there will be two highlights at this Open House. First, Stephanie Mott and her Jazz band will be performing live music through the night. If you’ve never heard Stephanie sing before, then you are really in for a treat! And second, Chloe Prince and the ladies from the exciting Trans Across America documentary project will be joining by Skype on the big screen to talk and answer questions.

This is an event you cannot miss, and best of all it’s absolutely free! For more details, driving directions, and other information¬†please contact the Transgender Institute directly.

The Transgender Institute
8080 Ward Parkway, Suite 400
Kansas City, Missouri 64114
Call: 816-305-0943
Email: caroline@transinstitute.org

Raytown School Notifies Parents About Student’s Gender Change

KMBCThis video clip and news article on Channel 9 KMBC’s website is actually fairly sensitively done. The video features a segment talking to Caroline Gibbs, the woman who quite honestly saved my life and set me on the path to be the happy, successful woman I am today.

It’s a short article, well-handled, and I hope for all the best for young Jasmine!

Raytown school notifies parents about student’s gender change | Local News – KMBC Home.

Danna Wheeldon and Caroline Gibbs will Appear on Trans Talk this Weekend

Those of you who know Danna and her wife Karen know they are visiting Kansas City from their home base of Barrow, Alaska. This weekend Danna and Caroline Gibbs, Director of the Transgender Institute, will appear on Trans Talk at 1:00 p.m., Saturday 12/28, on 90.1 KKFI FM. You can tune into the show directly, or stream it over your computer if you are outside the area (or if you don’t have a radio). I do not know the exact topic yet, but given the knowledge and experience, as well as the humor and wit of the women involved, I’m certain it will be a great show!