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Cristan from the Transadvocate Does Good Work Again – Intimidation by Anti-Transgender Signature Gatherers

Cristan Williams, who has campaigned tirelessly to expose the lies of the anti-transgender movement in California, has posted a new video showing verbal abuse by two of the good and righteous members of the anti-transgender proposition AB1266, which would repeal protections for transgender youth.

The video is both scary and unsurprising. Even if we win this battle, we’re clearly drawing the attention of the same hate groups who targeted lesbians and gays.

Add intimidation to the lies, fraud of the anti-AB1266 effort as signature gatherer caught bullying trans advocate | The Transadvocate.

Haters Threatening an Upset: Opponents of California Transgender Student Rights Get Signatures to Repeal

This is a serious issue for every transperson in the United States, not just California, because California sets the precedent in many social issues. When the anti-SSM amendment was passed in California, several other states put their initiatives on hold or slowed them down until the recent US Supreme Court victories. What happens in California very often does not stay in California.

Take this threat seriously. The opposition has spread fear and lies and disgusting demonizations of transgender people, not helped by the recent Pacific Justice Institute’s fake and libelous “news” about a transgender student harassing girls in the bathrooms in Colorado. Remember how everyone thought that California would laugh at an anti-SSM amendment – only to discover that a large number of minority groups came out of the closet as “sudden conservatives” to vote against civil rights?

A loss to hate in California will hurt us all in the long run. I’m not certain what we outside of California can do to help, other than keep spreading the word and the positive message of civil rights.

Opponents Of California Transgender Student Rights Law Get Signatures To Repeal « CBS San Francisco.

California Boy Charged with Hate Crime after Transgender Teen set on Fire

Well, here we go again, another transgender person attacked brutally for daring to exist. According to the Contra Costa Times, as well as later news posted yesterday, the victim, Luke “Sasha” Fleischman suffered serious burns requiring hospitalization after a 16 year-old sociopath set fire to Fleischman’s skirt while they slept on a public bus. The sociopath is one Richard Thomas, a student at Oakland High School, who admitted to police that he set fire to Fleischman’s skirt because he was self-described as “homophobic.”

Once he was actually arrested, however, he’s changed his story, and his family has come forward to declare that Thomas is a stereotypical good kid who does bad things.

Bad things like putting a person in the hospital and signing them up for a future of several painful surgeries to recover. Yeesh.

California boy charged with hate crime after transgender teen set on fire.

California Conservatives Fabricate Another Story About Transgender Restroom Harassment

It’s actually far beyond perplexing, it’s honestly scary that “faith-based” organizations perceive no hypocrisy in themselves for lying and going against the very commands of their religious texts. Think about it – an organization which claims to be the right arm of a supernatural force decides to create or spread imaginary stories for the purpose of subjugating and oppressing those who are different.

In this article, linked below, Christen Williams does another stellar job of debunking the latest fundamentalist Trans Toilet Terror.

The real question is why are so many throughout the rest of America just accepting or ignoring these lies when they happen? Why won’t the media investigate these claims with a simple phone call or two, instead of running as Gospel whatever some religious group asserts is the truth?

California Conservatives Fabricate Another Story About Transgender Restroom Harassment | ThinkProgress.

California GOP Backs Repeal of Transgender Protections in Schools

Well, the sad thing is that this was not unexpected at all. Although the vote was split, the California Republican Party has formally chosen to support a repeal of the sweeping protections for transgender students in that state.

I posted earlier that I grow tired of seeing the word “Republican” followed immediately by some effort to discriminate against or remove protections for transgender persons. And yet, despite a steadily growing consensus throughout America to accept and welcome transgender persons, the “party of Lincoln” seemingly is doubling down on this issue.

Tea party hopes to energize California GOP » Redding Record Searchlight.

Gloria Steinem Apologizes; Is it Enough? Una Doesn’t Think So.

Background: Gloria Steinem was one of the pioneers of the 2nd-wave feminist movement, and unfortunately one of the most visible and important critics of transgender persons. She fully supported the vile hate-speech book The Transsexual Empire – the Making of the She-Male and it’s author, Janice Raymond. She is most notorious for her comment about transsexual women, deriding us for needing surgery, claiming we were delusional and self-mutilating, stating mockingly “If the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot?” She further mocked Renée Richards when she won her case in the New York Supreme Court, allowing her to play as a woman in the US Open, calling her a “manufactured woman.”

So now in a piece in the Advocate (linked below), Steinem, possibly finally waking up from her 1970’s haze and seeing which way the winds are blowing with 3rd-wave feminism since the late 1990’s, has decided that transgender women are OK in her book. Colour me underwhelmed – Steinem has been more and more lately trying to scramble to resolve her separatist and discriminatory views of the 1970’s with modern times, and in my opinion this is just another attempt by her to spin her legacy in a more positive light.

When she spoke out against my people in the 1970’s, she was one of the most popular and publicized celebrities of the political social movement. So her criticisms and even mockery of transgender people carried a lot of weight. Now she’s a C-grade has-been and her apology, even if sincere, certainly won’t be discussed on the nightly news – it will be echoed in a few blogs like this, and then quickly exit the stage. So paraphrasing former Secretary of Labor Ray Donovan, after having been falsely accused and acquitted, “Which office do (we) go to get (our) reputation back?”

Hey Gloria, I know I’m a nobody from nowhere, but if you want to ever gain a shred of cred among nearly 1 million transgender people you insulted, why don’t we see you out campaigning on our behalf? Why don’t we see you out at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, decrying their transgender discrimination? Why aren’t you in California backing up the recent transgender protections for K-12 students which are under attack by the religious right? Why aren’t you pushing for transgender protection in the workplace and the passage of ENDA?

Do the right thing, Gloria. Show some real penance and honor.

On Working Together Over Time.

Transgender Azusa Pacific University Professor Reveals Male Identity

Dr. Heather Ann Clements had some news to give to her students – that she was transgender. It’s scarily reminiscent of how I broke the news of my transition to my UMKC students. Except in my case I was welcomed, and in Clements – now Heath Adam Ackley – he fears being fired for being a transgender man. However, the University has not come out and said anything negative in public, so we will just have to wait and see.

Transgender Azusa Pacific University professor reveals male identity | Mail Online.

Transgender Teen, Cassidy Campbell, Named Homecoming Queen in Huntington Beach

Is it even possible to express how awesome this is? What’s more, she had full faculty support as well, unlike what we’re used to reading about.

There is a short video at the link, and I do object to them referring to her as a “transgender,” as it’s a adjective and not a noun…

Transgender Teen, Cassidy Campbell, Named Homecoming Queen in Huntington Beach | KTLA 5.

Prop. 8 Players Join Forces to Repeal Transgender Law

Guess who’s back – the National Organization for Marriage, which of course has proven they are an anti-LGBT group, and not a group interested solely in the “sanctity” of “traditional” marriage. I recall posting that they were such and being shouted down by people who said no, they don’t have anything against gays and lesbians, they just think they don’t deserve the human right of marriage…now they’re getting involved with transgender schoolchildren. Nope, nothing wrong here!

Prop. 8 players join bid to repeal transgender law | www.ktvu.com.

Trans Women Beaten to Death in Los Angeles, Baton Rouge

I try not to post many of these articles. For one thing, they can seriously depress me, and can get me into a mode of thinking that we really still have so much further to go. For another, I try to post mainly positive articles which show transwomen succeeding. However, I never advocate ignoring the hate and the crimes committed on us, and two women murdered in one week has made me feel like yes, we need to stop and think about what it really means to be transgender.

Melony Smith, a transgender woman who press reports identify as Vanhxay Inthichack, was found dead inside a motel room last week in Baldwin Park, just east of Los Angeles, according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. An autopsy revealed she had been beaten to death, prompting detectives to rule the case a homicide.

On Thursday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau confirmed it had taken Stephen Gonzales into custody on drug charges and was preparing to file murder charges against the 28-year-old from West Covina.

A 31-year-old transgender woman, identified in media reports as Shaun Hartley, was found dead inside an abandoned house in Baton Rouge Thursday. The local coroner declared that Hartley had died as a result of blunt trauma to the head, neck, and torso.

Trans Women Beaten to Death in Los Angeles, Baton Rouge | Advocate.com.

Transgender School Law Spurs California Repeal Drive

Woman Holding Head
This makes my head hurt, but the comments after the article are outright scary. I certainly hope against hope that they are just the usual pack of trolls which post in these news articles. But remember, California actually banned same-sex marriage by public vote. They are not nearly as liberal and you think, and in a state the size of California, gaining 500,000 signatures is easy.

I found this telling:

“It is just fundamentally wrong,” said Doug Boyd, a lawyer circulating petitions in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendora. “It’s against the laws of God and nature.”

Boyd, 60, said he can’t stomach the idea of his 6- and 7- year-old daughters sharing school bathrooms, showers or locker rooms with a boy who sees himself as a girl.

Point 1: any law against the laws of “God” and “nature” needs repealing. Ooooooooooo…K. Bring on the, um, theocracy?

Point 2: Six and seven year olds don’t shower nude in California schools. I’m not sure they do in any public school in the nation.

Point 3: You’re a dumbass, Boyd.

Transgender 6-Year-Olds in Potty Spurs California Repeal Drive.

Transgender Student Vies For Homecoming Queen At Marina High School


Another great leap forward! Every time I hear a story like this I’m ever so encouraged, but also I think back to how any transgender person who had come out at my high school in the 1980’s would possibly have been outright murdered.

Transgender Student Vies For Homecoming Queen At Marina High School « CBS Los Angeles.

California Trans Woman Found Murdered in Her Home

Newburn_DominqueThere is not enough evidence to know whether this was a hate-driven crime. There is proof however that it’s another heartbreaking tragedy, especially as she was a positive media influence via her role on “Hollywood Houseboys,” a YouTube series about gay and transgender friends.

via Calif. Trans Woman Found Murdered in Home :: EDGE Miami.

HATE ALERT: Conservative Christianity and the Transgender Question

ROMANIA-ANTI-GAY-PROTESTA deceptively hateful message from Southern Baptist “Ethics and Religious Liberty President” Russell Moore. The gist of it is, if you’re trans, you are violating the direct orders of both the Old Testament and Jesus, but Conservative Christians should take pity on you and teach you the Right Way. In other words, “we should try to convince you that you’re deluded or crazy, rather than set your house on fire or murder you.” See, that’s progress…right?

The photograph above is from an anti-LGBT protest in Romania, driven by church leaders who whipped their congregations into a frenzy to go forth and fight the LGBT Satan in clouds of sulfur.

Conservative Christianity and the transgender question.

HATE ALERT – Transphobe Produces 5-Minute Video Mocking California’s New Law

HateVideoThe title says it all. If you can stand it, watch the video to see a good example of subtle hate from Dan Joseph at CNSNews. You know, it’s just “common sense, ” right? Let’s list the ways he biased the video:

  • He holds the “interviews” at George Mason University, a somewhat right-leaning campus.
  • He doesn’t show that he took a random sampling. We have no idea how many respondents were opposed to his viewpoint.
  • He coaches the second interviewee with praise for his anti-trans position.
  • He repeats portions of interviews with a man who supports his view, but not with anyone who opposes it.
  • He continually and persistently refers to a transgender girl as a man or boy continuously. Such as about 3 minutes referring to a transgender woman as a “guy.”
  • Then he has a fictional, stupid, contrived, factually incorrect, and bigoted dramatization in two parts in the video.

The average American surely isn’t so stupid they will fall for this, right? Right? Oh wait…


Will California’s Gender-Bending Bathroom Law Play on the East Coast? | CNS News.