Suit Filed for Trans Teen Forced by DMV to Remove Makeup

Chase Culpepper didn’t ask for anything on a silver platter. They didn’t ask for the World on a string. They didn’t ask for anyone to crawl on their knees through broken glass. They passed their drivers license test, and wanted someone to take a freaking photograph. It’s simple. A child could do it. I once even saw a common house cat which was trained to take photographs of people.

Unfortunately, the DMV in Anderson, South Carolina, decided that taking a photograph with Chase wearing his (how Chase identifies) makeup on would be offensive to God, the Universe, and everything because it might be hiding how he normally looks.

Except of course that Chase normally wears makeup. And it’s absolutely unheard of for a woman to be told she would have to either put on or remove makeup prior to having her photograph taken by the DMV. So basically, all we have here is some incredibly minor functionary decided they were offended or threatened by a “boy wearing makeup,” and decided to make an issue out of it. And the DMV dug in its heels to defend their staffer because, well, “reasons.”

I guess they must think it’s cheaper than hiring a cat.

Suit filed on behalf of teen forced by DMW to remove makeup | Local News – WYFF Home.

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