Stephenie, At Last – A Powerful Story of a Transgender Life Delayed

I’ve read hundreds, perhaps thousands of transgender stories, and this is one which is powerfully told within just a couple of pages, and which moved me to tears.

Stephenie Vieweigh had a secret she kept for 63 years, a secret which tore her apart and led her to a near-suicide 6 years ago. Stephenie – then known as Stephen – was a transgender woman. Very sadly for Stephenie, her time as her true self was limited by cancer. Even worse, she had to suffer an additional indignity of being forced to present as male in order to find a place to live. Finally, at the end, she met compassionate people who helped her pass from this world as the woman she was meant to be.

Rest in peace, Stephenie. I promise to fight harder for the rights of elderly transgender persons.

Stephenie, At Last | Dixie’s Land: Robin Rayne Nelson’s Photojournal.

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