Price Reduction for the Kansas City “Come As You Are” Conference

Come as You Are
Caroline Gibbs at the Transgender Institute has asked me to inform everyone on the Transas City site and mailing lists that they have greatly reduced the ticket prices for attending the transgender summit coming soon to Kansas City! The new price is $95 for early early bird registration (until Jan. 15th) and $105 for late birds. If you plan to only attend Saturday, the fee is $75. Several individuals who can afford it, have offered to contribute tickets for those folks who have little or no resources. Please consider following in their footsteps.

Note too that this price includes the breakfasts and lunches during the event, so your net cost for attending is actually smaller than indicated. Caroline also announced yesterday that transgender activist Chloe Prince will be giving the welcoming speech!

Caroline says that her intention at The Transgender Institute is threefold: to create community in Kansas City and surrounding environs, to work towards creating a 24-hour shelter for homeless transwomen, and to establish a foundation for reassignment surgeries.

Information about the event is available, and ticket ordering can be done via this link.

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