Personal Reactions to the KC Star Article on a Local Transgender Family


I didn’t post this on Sunday when it ran, because I wanted to get some “reactions” from my co-workers and others who I know are frequent readers of the Kansas City Star.

I started receiving e-mails and IM’s yesterday, and then today fielded a variety of questions from interested co-workers. The reaction from those who read it and contacted me was highly positive. Many asked if I had seen the article because it was “great,” but most folks assumed I knew the family (of course I do, I consider them dear friends). Comments I received fell into the following lines:

“I didn’t know there were transgender kids that young.”

“I know you had it hard, Una, but I can’t imagine how hard it must be for the girl in the article.”

“Her parents are very brave.”

“I wish I’d had parents like hers.”

“I hope these kids will get protection from bullies.”

“I’d have to hire a bodyguard or send my son[sic] to Tae Kwon Do every day if they did this, but I’d be there for him.[sic]”

“I know you’ve told me a lot about…people like you, but it never hit me that kids could have this.”

“It really helped open my eyes.”

I also received a few questions, mostly along the lines of “are there lots of kids like this?,” “do they give the kids surgery that early?” and “how do you even deal with something like this? It’s hard enough being a parent!” (which is more of a rhetorical question, true)

I have to hope that the large number of positive reactions which I witnessed is at least somewhat indicative of how the public in general views the subject of transgender kids in particular, and transgender persons in general. I have to hope.

There are some other links which you should see, in addition to the primary link at the end of this post. This link takes you to an extensive gallery of photographs of local transgender children going about their everyday lives. And this link takes you to a local video on this subject.

‘I am a girl’: Transgender children face a society slow to accept them –

3 thoughts on “Personal Reactions to the KC Star Article on a Local Transgender Family

  1. Una Post author

    It was a very well-written piece, Mr. Adler. Actually about as worthy a piece as can be done on the subject. It appears well-researched, sensitive, factual, and with an effect of building sympathy and positive thought towards the little ones, who are the most vulnerable members of my community. It is an article which shall be shared around the Net on message boards and other fora for some time, I imagine – I’ve already shared it several places.

  2. stilljustaMum

    Sorry rants tend to set this Mum off, funny that. Here’s the deal since my child is equal parts boffin equal part artist…..Respect the Mum. That’s all I’d like. I absolutely love you and your partner and I absolute would love to have Caroline working on his behalf, she is no doubt the best! I MEAN THAT! no doubt about it. It’s just that this Mom has had a fundamental physiological NORMAL change and it refuses to go backwards for anyone. Least of all my child.

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